The Only 3 Superfoods Worth Buying, According to Foodies

Given that many superfoods are newly discovered, nutritionists and medical professionals cannot yet speak to their supposed benefits with 100% accuracy. Coupled with a hefty price tag, superfoods elicit a healthy dose of skepticism when spotted in the superfoods aisle in Whole Foods. Fortunately, we can look to health food lovers and foodies well-versed in holistic living for some clarity. Well+Good recently spoke with Jeanette Ogden, a California-based yoga instructor, health foodie, and Instagram sensation, about the few superfoods she'll willingly swipe her Visa for, no questions asked.

"The word 'superfood' can mean so many things to different people, but for me, it's how it makes me feel and whether it helps my body function the way it should," Ogden told Well+Good. "These things are a splurge, but if you use them in moderation, they'll last for two to three months at a time." According to the genius behind Shut the Kale Up, these are the only superfoods worth the splurge: 

manuka honey

At up to $50 a jar, manuka honey can raise more than a few eyebrows in the health food aisle. But according to Ogden, the New Zealand–harvested spread is packed with more vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes than the original stuff. "Manuka honey helps with balancing your digestive system, as well as acne and eczema, burns, wounds, tooth decay, IBS… the list goes on!" she says. "I love it in my smoothies, baked goods, oats, and yogurt." She swears by Wedderspoon's 100% Raw Manuka Honey with KFactor of 16 ($35). 

Maca powder

In the world of adaptogens, or natural substances that help the body adapt to stress, maca powder reigns supreme. "For me, it's hormone balancing. Even when I was pregnant, I'd take maca and I'd feel different," explains Ogden. She recommends adding a bit of Essential Living Foods Maca Blend ($25) into your morning oatmeal or smoothie for an energy boost. "It gives a little bit of a cinnamon-y, nutty taste to whatever you put it in."


Flying slightly under mainstream culture's radar is reishi, an adaptogenic mushroom that's touted for its "grounding effects," explains Odgen. "It helps with stress relief, immunity, and longevity. It gives an earthy taste to my almond milk lattes, and I dig it." She's currently loving Organic Reishi by Sun Potion ($50) in her morning coffee. "I bought it as a birthday gift to myself since it was a bit of a splurge… but I love this stuff."

Head over to Well+Good for the rest of Jeannette Ogden's superfood favorites, and share your thoughts on her picks below!