Don't Get Scared: 13 Spine-Chilling Thrillers to Read This Weekend

There's a certain allure to fear, especially if it's a feeling you can control. That's the basic premise behind picking up a suspense novel, isn't it? We crave that spark of adrenaline at the first unforeseen action, the foreboding feeling that builds toward the end of a page, and the rush to reach the answers—or lack thereof—hidden in the final chapter. Suspenseful books provide access into dark emotions and even darker settings, where trust and beauty always seem to have shocking flip sides. And even though we have the ability to escape, to close the covers and leave these worlds behind, the best suspense novels stay with us long after the leading characters meet their fates.

In honor of this genre, we've collected our favorite suspense novels of the past and present in a theme-appropriate list of 13 unnerving stories. While we don't suggest you read them alone in the middle of the night, we wouldn't blame you if you do, either.

Scared yet? So are we! But like we said, that's the fun in suspense—even if your imagination gets the best of you this weekend.