The Easiest, Most Delicious Protein Bars You Can Make Yourself

It's safe to say not all protein bars are created equal. While a popular go-to for athletes and individuals with demanding, active lifestyles, the protein-packed snack has gotten a lot of flack from nutritionists. Many protein bars are not as healthful or good for your body as they purport to be, causing some to even say they're glorified candy bars.

One way to avoid this problem—while still getting that extra dose of protein needed to fuel your high-intensity workouts or active lifestyle—is to create your own at home. Making your own protein bars is actually surprisingly simple. Once you give it a try, you'll never want to go back to store-bought alternatives. We've rounded up the best recipes for easy-to-make protein bars that pack as much flavor as they do protein and nutrients. Know exactly what you're eating (and ensure that every last bite is delicious) by making your own protein bars with these four simple recipes.

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