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13 Best Teal Paint Colors To Brighten Your Home

There's Nuance to Different Shades of Teal

teal paint colors

Alyssa Rosenheck; DESIGN: Stone Textile

We're crazy about blue when it comes to shades of paint, and we're not talking about your typical pale hues or cobalt. Oh, no—we’re crushing on teal paint. Why this blue-green shade of the hue? First of all, it never fails to make a statement (whether it's painted on an accent wall or an entire room). Beyond that, there's something unexpected about navy's fun-loving cousin. How many people do you know with teal walls in their home, after all?

  • Color Family: Blues/greens
  • Complementary Colors: Red-orange
  • Pairs Well With: Gold, white, navy
  • Mood: Positive, reflective, and calm
  • Where to Use: Kitchen cabinets, accent walls, powder rooms, and front doors

If you or your room need a mood boost, this paint job will surely do the trick. We've searched our go-to hardware stores to find various hues of the shade from brands ranging from Behr to Benjamin Moore that are sure to energize any room. 

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Behr Caicos Turquoise

Behr - Caicos Turquoise

 Courtesy of Behr 

teal paint colors
Behr Caicos Turquoise $25.00

A few swipes of this lively color from Behr will make you feel like you're on a tropical getaway…or at least at the beach. That's because it's inspired by the color of the ocean surrounding the Turks and Caicos Islands.

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Sherwin-Williams Calypso

Sherwin Williams - Calypso

Design by Diana Wiesner for Lampert Lumber 

teal paint colors
Sherwin-Williams Calypso $38.00

Pair Sherwin-Williams' Calypso with white furniture for a fresh take on modern design. It's inspired by the blue seas of Greece.

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Benjamin Moore Florida Keys Blue

Benjamin Moore - Florida Keys Blue

 Photo by Lily Glass; Design by Oh Joy

teal paint colors
Benjamin Moore Florida Keys Blue $43.00

Paint this seafoam color from Benjamin Moore on kitchen cabinets for a cool, retro feel. As its name implies, you'll feel like you've been teleported straight to the Florida Keys.

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Benjamin Moore Galápagos Turquoise

Benjamin Moore - Galapagos Turquoise

 Ballard Designs

teal paint colors
Benjamin Moore Galápagos Turquoise $11.00

This deeper teal shade by Benjamin Moore has hints of black and finds inspiration in the Pacific Ocean. 

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Clark + Kensington Coastal Breeze

Clark & Kensington - Coastal Breeze

 Courtesy of Ace Hardware/​Clark & Kensington 

teal paint colors
Clark + Kensington Coastal Breeze $31.00

Clark + Kensington's Coastal Breeze looks best matte and with an extra coat for good measure. The shade is perfect at offering beachy vibes.

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Valspar Gypsy Teal

Valspar - gypsy teal
Courtesy of Valspar
teal paint colors
Valspar Gypsy Teal $33.00

This coastal blue by Valspar is bold, to say the least. We think it was made for the front door. 

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Benjamin Moore Mexicali Turquoise

Benjamin Moore - Mexicali Turqouise

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore 

teal paint colors
Benjamin Moore Mexicali Turquoise $11.00

Benjamin Moore's Mexicali Turquoise is an icier take on teal with a shimmer reminiscent of sea glass. Its inspiration comes from the clear Cancun waters.

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Dutch Boy Rockets

dutch boy - rockets

 Courtesy of Dutch Boy

teal paint colors
Dutch Boy Rockets $33.00

If you want to dip your toes into the teal trend, Dutch Boy's Rockets is a calmer, more muted alternative. It offers natural and peaceful vibes.

If you're painting your front door, be sure to use a brush over a roller. It'll be able to reach every angle much easier.

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Clark + Kensington Wish You Were Here

Clark & Kensington - Wish You Were Here

Courtesy of Clark & Kensington  

teal paint colors
Clark + Kensington Wish You Were Here $33.00

This Clark + Kensington blue raspberry hue is young and fun—perfect for a child's bedroom. 

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Behr Teal Zeal

behr teal zeal

 Courtesy of Behr

teal paint colors
Behr Teal Zeal $25.00

This vibrant Behr wall color gets fancied up when paired with navy accents. Don't be afraid to mix teal shades with other blues. It makes for a fun, maximalist feel.

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Behr Wanderlust

Behr - Wanderlust

Classy ​Clutter


teal paint colors
Behr Wanderlust $30.00

Even though it's the darkest shade of them all, don't let Behr's Wanderlust scare you—it looks positively regal no matter which room you decide to use it in. It may be inspired by wanderlust, but you'll want to stay home once your space is painted in this shade.

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Benjamin Moore Largo Teal

Benjamin Moore - Largo Teal

Erin Williamson Design 

teal paint largo
Benjamin Moore Largo Teal $11.00

Benjamin Moore's Largo Teal is naturally inspired by the waters of Key Largo, Florida. It's a darker teal that offers drama in any room.

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Glidden Capri Teal

Glidden - capri teal

Courtesy of Glidden

teal paint
Glidden Capri Teal $17.00

Glidden's bright and cheerful Capri Teal is a great pick for a children's room. The team at Glidden suggests pairing it with off-white trim and sand-colored accents, as it's inspired by the waters of Capri, Italy.