We Gave Chefs $200 to Spend at Williams Sonoma—Here's What They Bought


Courtesy of Catherine Kwong

As self-professed foodies, we're always interested in what chefs have to say. Whether they're weighing in on the best pots and pans or demystifying the different types of knife cuts, we're all ears when the culinary professionals share their words of wisdom from the kitchen. Naturally, when we wanted to find out which budget-friendly tools we should be stocking our kitchens with, we asked top chefs exactly how they'd spend $200 at Williams Sonoma.

"With the shift in seasons and holidays coming up, baking is the first thing that comes to mind," chef Stefani de Palma of Addison Restaurant told MyDomaine upon accepting the challenge. "If I were given $200 to spend at Williams Sonoma, I would want to buy things I know I could get a ton of use out of," she added.

Ahead, shop the under-$200 kitchenware items de Palma and six other professional chefs added to their carts, including a $60 baking dish that'll carry you through the holiday season, a $75 cast-iron skillet that'll last a lifetime, and a pair of $18 tongs that'll change the way you make pasta.