If You've Only Visited Nashville to Party, You're Missing Out—Here's Why

It's mid-afternoon on a Saturday, and Broadway is buzzing with frenetic energy. Girls clad in matching tees chatter under neon signs shaped like guitars, drawn to sound of live music that emanates from bar after bar. While this is a normal weekend in Nashville, one of the most popular bachelorette party destinations in the U.S., it's just a small slice of Music City—and if your vision of this Tennessee gem is confined to cowboy boots, whiskey, and country music, you're in for a surprise.

While the party scene garners a lot of attention (and for good reason), another side of Nashville has been quietly taking shape as of late. As it turns out, creatives and entrepreneurs are moving to the city in droves. By day, cafés act as communal workspaces for ambitious 30-somethings, attracted to the city thanks to developments like the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, a Google-backed venture. By night, a string of exciting new restaurants like Little Octopus and Henrietta Red come alive.

You don't have to contemplate moving to Nashville to experience it like a local, though. At the heart of the city's new openings is Bobby Hotel, a boutique hot spot with character in spades. With Bobby as our home base, here are a few of the gems we uncovered over three days in Nashville. Skip Broadway—these are the places to eat, sleep, and drink to see Music City in a whole new light.

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This trip was hosted by Bobby Hotel. Editors' opinions are her own.