Why Now Is the Best Time to Take a Risk

One of my closest friends from college recently had her first child. She’s an incredibly driven and hard-working chemical engineer who flies to foreign countries to oversee important projects. However, after spending eight amazing months off with her baby, returning to work wasn’t exactly thrilling. She recently told me that she would love to quit her job and open up a barre studio. Never one to shy away from pursuing a dream, even if it’s a risk, I encouraged her to do it. “I’ve never taken a risk in my whole life,” she said, “so why would I take one now when I have a baby daughter?” Because there’s no time like the present! Sometimes taking a risk is exactly what you need to reach your full potential. Contemplating a solo trip to Thailand? Ready to launch your own consulting business? Want to produce and star in your own cooking show? If you’re thinking about taking a risk, now is the best time to do it. Here’s why.

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