Science Says This Is the Best Time of Day to Make Important Decisions

Updated 05/08/19
Christian Vierig/Gettty

Have a big decision to make that's been weighing on you? It turns out there's an ideal time for you to sit down, reflect, and decide. Regardless of whether you're a night owl or a morning person, researchers in Argentina have found there's a right time (and a wrong time) to make important decisions.

According to Inc., by studying 100 elite online chess players each playing at least 2000 games, researchers logged the accuracy of the participants' decision-making, categorizing players by gender, time zone, and whether they were an early bird or a night owl. Their initial hypothesis was that morning people would perform best in the morning, and night people would perform best at night. However, their findings indicated the chronotype of individuals had no impact on the quality of their decision-making.

Instead, they were affected by the actual time of day—all players made slower and more accurate decisions in the morning.

Regardless of chronotype, gender, and time zone, the best time of day for all participants was the morning. By midday, all players hit a plateau in their decision-making capabilities. Come evening, all players made faster and riskier decisions. So if you have an important decision to make that requires your best judgment, plan to tackle it in the morning.

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