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The Best Times of Year to Buy Furniture if You're on a Budget

woman on a day bed

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It may seem like any time is a good time to swap tired furniture for newer, fresher pieces. After all, a stained sofa can ruin a living room's sophisticated aesthetic, just as mismatched nightstands flanking the bed can downgrade the mature look of a primary suite. But before you rush out to replace worn or damaged furnishings, consider timing your buys to get the best bang for your budget.

Primary Suite

The term "Primary Suite" is now widely used to describe the largest bedroom in the home with an en suite bath, as it better reflects the space’s purpose. Many realtors, architects, interior designers, and the Real Estate Standards Association have recognized the potentially discriminatory connotations in the term "Master." Read more about our Diversity and Inclusion Pledge.

As it turns out, there is a "right" time to buy furniture—whether you're looking for indoor, outdoor, or used finds. Strategizing your shopping schedule may mean holding on to that raggedy couch and those unsightly nightstands for a little longer than you'd like, but it'll be worth it when you realize how much you saved.

If you're wondering when are the best times to buy, we've rounded up the key months (and even days) to check out your favorite stores' sales on different types of furniture.

Indoor Furniture

living room furniture
Design: Katherine Carter, Photo: Amy Bartlam

New furniture styles are usually unveiled on a biannual schedule, making spring and fall the best times to splurge for new indoor furniture. But if you want to save some money, start researching the looks you like during these seasons, and then make purchases between January and February and July and August.

Think about it: In the months leading up to the holidays, people planning to host family and friends may realize that they need a sleeper sofa or a new dining set, and because they're pressed for time, they won't wait until the pieces they want go on sale. After the holidays, however, people are less inclined to buy new furniture because their homes are less full. Retailers still need to sell their inventory during the slower months, so they usually offer post-holiday discounts as an incentive for people to buy. Most stores offer outrageous short-term sales around President's Day.

Similarly, in the springtime, people usually turn their attention to outdoor furniture, so shops want to capture the attention of those who may not necessarily be looking to buy a new coffee table, but can't resist a fantastic deal. Some of the best springtime sales are on Memorial Day.

blue sofa
Article Sven Sectional Sofa $2,399.00

Outdoor Furniture

outdoor patio
Design: Rikki Snyder

Like department stores needing to get rid of their coat inventory once winter is in full swing, outdoor furniture stores want to do the same with their supply by the middle of summer. If you see something you like when alfresco sets hit the market in April, bide your time until the Fourth of July. There will still be plenty of summer left to enjoy your outdoor furniture before the fall.

garden stool
Benzara Garden Stool $103.00 $79.00

Used Furniture

bedroom furniture
Design: Becca Interiors

When you're searching for consigned furniture, the best times to go sifting through thrift shops are in January and July. That's usually when people try to make good on their New Year's resolutions to declutter, and when families move before the start of a new school year and want to get rid of pieces they won't be bringing to their new home, respectively.

When it comes to buying used furniture, make sure you get the most for your money by learning marks of good quality. For instance, if you're looking for a new dining table, know that hardwood is generally better and will last longer than veneer. If you're buying a vintage designer piece, look for the maker's stamp or signature, so you know it's authentic. 

Bottom line: Memorial Day and Independence Day are the best holidays to score great used pieces without spending a ton.

blue dresser
Anthropologie Washed Wood Six-Drawer Dresser $1,298.00