The Results Are In: These Are the Exact Places (and Times) to Travel in 2018

Updated 05/06/19
best time to fly in 2018

We just kicked off 2018, but chances are you’re already planning everything you want to do and see in the year ahead. As you begin brainstorming travel plans, it’s worth knowing the optimum dates to fly to score the best flight deals—so you can save your dollars for your destination. Just in time for checking wanderlust boxes off our bucket list in 2018, Hipmunk has released its annual travel planning guide featuring the best times of year to visit popular destinations to maximize your savings. Hipmunk analyzed the average booking prices for round-trip airfare for flights departing from the U.S. from June 1, 2016, through November 30, 2017, to calculate the best times to fly this upcoming year.

The data reveals that it’s never too soon to score a deal. According to the online travel company, “January is historically the most cost-effective month to fly, for both domestic and international destinations, with domestic airfare 21% lower on average than peak summertime booking prices” and international travel 20% less expensive than summer fares. Another time of the year that boasts low fares is right after the traditional American summer vacation: September. The guide also breaks down deals by areas of the world.

“If you’re itching to visit Korea or Hong Kong, November offers both the lowest prices and mild weather,” it reads. Some international destinations have the lowest fares in March, among them Berlin, Istanbul, and Barcelona, and Sydney—all covetable destinations for a grown-up spring break. For the complete breakdown by destination and month in 2018, head over to Hipmunk's annual travel planning guide.

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