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How to Score the Best Secondhand Home Décor, According to DIY Expert Drew Scott

Headshot of Drew Scott from Lone Fox

COURTESY OF Karla Ticas; Graphic: MyDomaine

Furnishing your home doesn’t have to break the bank, contrary to popular belief. While we all love and admire offerings from companies like West Elm and Restoration Hardware, the pieces tend to be quite pricey. For those of us who aren't keen on spending $200 for one decorative object, there are other incredible ways to score chic home décor—without hurting your wallet.

Shopping secondhand for home décor is our latest obsession. There is an abundance of home décor pieces and furniture finds just waiting to be discovered at your local thrift store or online market, like Facebook Marketplace. Plus, shopping secondhand benefits everyone, from savvy spenders to those committed to sustainability. It doesn't get much better than that.

"I personally love thrifted items and always find so much inspiration when it comes to secondhand shopping," Drew Scott, the 25-year-old founder of the design and DIY YouTube channel, blog, and shop Lone Fox, explains to MyDomaine. "One of my biggest passions is upcycling, and finding a gem at the thrift store or on sites like Facebook Marketplace is always an amazing start to any DIY project." 

Meet the Expert

Drew Scott is the founder of Lone Fox, a YouTube channel, blog, and home décor shop all specializing in design and DIYs. A fashion school graduate, he began his career in home décor as an in-home stylist for West Elm and now runs Lone Fox full time.

Why Scott Loves Shopping Secondhand for Décor

Scott is not shy when it comes to tackling DIYs, no matter how intricate they may be. He shared one of his favorite projects with us, a makeover of this bland BESTA unit from IKEA, which he later turned into a chic, midcentury-inspired console. Lone Fox shows its 1 million subscribers how to restore secondhand furniture with simple DIY suggestions that anyone can recreate, and Scott is here to share some of those tips with us as well.

lone fox media unit - with cane backing styled with books and plants

Courtesy of Drew Scott

"Not only is shopping secondhand sustainable, but I feel like the pieces tend to feel more special when they are purchased secondhand," Scott says. "They radiate this one-of-a-kind energy that I always love. Not to mention, they are also great conversation starters when I have guests over."

Shopping sustainably isn't always simple—it can seem much easier to walk into a big box store and score a mirror or furniture piece in an instant. But, with so many online outlets for shopping secondhand, it's much simpler than it seems.

"Shopping online makes it so much more convenient than going in-store and hoping they might have something," Scott notes. "I think the idea of secondhand shopping doesn’t intimidate people as much anymore with how convenient it is on Facebook Marketplace."

Vintage rustic dining area with reclaimed wooden table and chairs.

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Don't Shy Away From a DIY

If you're shopping secondhand and come across a piece that's almost perfect (but not quite) have no fear. Anything can be helped via DIY, according to Scott.

"If you find a piece that's almost perfect, go for the DIY!" he suggests. "Some of my favorite pieces I own are thrifted items that I DIY’d. That’s the great thing about secondhand shopping—you can take those finds and put your own spin on them."

Even the most simple of updates can elevate a piece, such as a new handle or a fresh coat of paint, according to Scott.

"I always recommend shopping with an open mind," he says. "Look at everything as a skeleton that you can add to. Maybe some molded clay accents or gold foil accents can elevate a boring piece into a statement. Anything and everything can always be DIY’d to better match your aesthetic." 

Anything and everything can always be DIY’d to better match your aesthetic

Vintage inspired bedroom with rustic shiplap and gold pendant light.

House 9 Interiors

The Best Tips for Secondhand Décor Shopping

There are so many options for secondhand shopping, both in-person and online. Sites like Facebook Marketplace make it easy and convenient to find unique secondhand décor, and Scott is sharing the shopping tips you should follow.

Check Out a Seller's Other Offerings

Chances are, where one gem lies, another follows. If you find a great furniture or décor piece from a certain seller on Facebook Marketplace, conduct a deeper dive on their commerce profile to check out their other offerings. You never know what other great pieces they may have on offer—and you can conveniently scoop all of them at the time of pick up.

"If you find something on Facebook Marketplace and it’s truly a unique piece, check that seller's commerce profile," Scott suggests. "There have been numerous times I’ve shown up to purchase an item, and the seller shows me everything else they are also selling—which most of the time fits within that same style." 

Set a Pickup Time

"When shopping on Facebook Marketplace, I’ve had luck shopping for unique finds across the country and had them shipped to me," Scott says, "But my biggest tip when shopping locally is to set a pickup time."

If you find something you truly love, make sure you message the seller and arrange a pick-up time for that piece.

"Sellers are always looking to sell their items as quickly as possible, so another person may message and swoop up that special lamp you needed for your bedside table," Scott adds. "If the seller knows you plan to come and get it, they will 99% of the time reserve it for you."

Make a Day Out of It

If you're looking to secondhand shop in person, Scott suggests making a day of it. Leave enough time in your schedule to scour a few different stores in case your first few stops are a bust.

The key to thrifting is taking your time and being patient.

"Thrifting is extremely hit or miss and really results in special finds at the right time," Scott says. "The first four thrift stores may be a total flop, but the fifth can house all the treasures! The key to thrifting is taking your time and being patient. Look through everything— that antique brass filigree frame you're looking for may just be hidden under that plastic refrigerator tray from 1945."

Vintage eclectic living room with gallery wall.

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