2 Jet-Setters Share the 8 Best Travel Accessories for Long Flights


Stacie Flinner

Jessica Wright and Stacie Flinner know how to create the perfect travel Instagram. Take a quick scroll of their accounts, and you can see why they have 120,000 followers between them—it's because these women make the world look effortlessly open to adventure. From the cliffs of Cassis, France, and the beaches of Sydney, Australia, to the manicured lawns of Nantucket and mosaics of Morocco, Wright and Flinner have zigzagged across the Earth in such a way that makes their followers feel as though they're along for the ride.

So since we're among their loyal fans, we had to ask: How do they deal with the not-so-glamorous aspect of a long flight? In order to get from point A to point B as seamlessly as possible, Wright and Flinner always pack a few must-have accessories in their carry-ons. These items are light and easy to handle, and they're also capable of turning a stressful experience into something a little easier to bare.

Read on to see the eight travel accessories Wright and Flinner never board a long flight without and get a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes details of two famous Instagram travelers' secrets.