Pro Tip: These Are the Best Travel Agencies to Plan a Life-Changing Trip

Ask any modern traveler when was the last time they went to a travel agency, and they’ll probably respond with: What’s a travel agency? While it’s true that the rise of technology has made travel agencies less vital than they were a decade ago, the best travel agencies are still your best bet at booking the ultimate curated getaway.

When we say “best travel agencies,” we’re not talking about someone who sits behind a computer and does what anyone can do on booking sites like Expedia and Kayak. We’re talking about the agencies that are home to some of the most specialized experts in their fields. These travel agents have extensive knowledge, history, and connections in some of the world’s most desirable destinations.

So the next time you have a serious case of wanderlust, hold off on your reflexive urge to check your favorite discount booking site, and try your luck with one of the best travel agencies in the world.

Azurine Luxury Travel

This San Francisco–based travel agency offers—you guessed it—luxury travel experiences all over the world, but co-founder Michelle Murre’s access to private wineries in Napa Valley and Sonoma make Azurine a must for major foodies and wine connoisseurs alike.


From sprawling corporate trips to deluxe leisure travel, this travel agency does it all. But, what makes it one of the best travel agencies is its employees. Take Rachel L. Epstein, the Israel insider who travels to the country five times a year “to keep up on current events, the country’s political temperature, and hotel and restaurant news,” according to Travel + Leisure. So if you feel like exploring the Holy Land, Epstein provides the kind of firsthand knowledge you just can’t find on Wikipedia.


Exploring a vast country like Brazil can feel intimidating. Doing it in style can feel outright impossible. That’s where Martin Frankenberg’s travel production company comes in. And if you think there isn’t much to see in Brazil beyond Rio de Janeiro, think again. Frankenberg’s wealth of connections will give you access to the far reaches of the Amazon via yacht or villa. The choice is yours.

Journey Mexico

When it comes to vacation options, Mexico is one of the most diverse options. Whether you feel like beach-bumming in Tulum or museum-hopping in Mexico City, Mexico has something for everyone. That’s where Zachary Rabinor comes in. His impressive connections and his deep understanding of Mexico make Journey Mexico one of the best travel agencies in the world.

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