Apply to Become an Editor of Our Exclusive Travel Pinterest Board

We already know that you, MyDomaine reader, have impeccable taste at home—and we'd venture a guess that this discerning eye travels abroad as well. Which is why we wanted to create a collaborative, reader-generated travel Pinterest board featuring you as the editor.

Starting tomorrow, we'll be inviting a handful of Pinterest users to our Travel Inspiration From Around the World board to share their traveler's eye with the internet. From the destinations at the top of your bucket list to the airport travel hacks you swear by, nothing is off-limits. Considering we want this board to be as swoon-worthy as possible, we're only inviting a handful of users to contribute each month.

If your love for Pinterest is only rivaled by your love for travel, simply comment with your Pinterest username on the Instagram post below, and we'll select a batch of contributing pinners at random. If you aren't invited this round, don't worry—we'll be selecting a new batch of users next month!

Ready to apply? Comment your Pinterest username on our Instagram post, and follow the board to get your daily dose of travel inspiration!