The Best Travel Hair Dryers, Whatever Your Destination

It's not always easy to look 100% while you're traveling. The changing time zones, long layovers, and disruption to your normal beauty routine make it a challenge to look like your usual self. But when your trip calls for you to look and feel your best—whether it's a work trip or a special vacation—having the right tools with you can be a game-changer. While most hotels these days provide hair dryers, they're usually not high-performance devices that deliver the results you're used to.

Fortunately it's possible to bring along your own hair dryer without taking up too much carry-on real estate. A handful of brands have developed effective hair dryers that pack the same technology as your go-to dryer into a compact contraption—plus dual-voltage technology so you can truly take it anywhere.

We've rounded up the seven best travel hair dryers for you to shop before your next big trip to ensure your hair looks its best no matter where you are (just be sure to pack an adapter kit if you're going abroad).

Head below to check out seven travel hair dryers made for jet-setters.