I Fly Over 200 Hours a Year—This Is My Fail-Safe Travel Outfit

There's a certain art to building the perfect airport outfit. Last year, I spent 203 hours on airplanes jetting from New York to Tahiti, Australia, Finland, Japan, and more as part of my job as an editor and travel writer. When I'm not reviewing new hotels and airlines for work, I try to squeeze in the odd trip to explore under-the-radar vacation spots at my own pace. So trust me when I say I've had enough practice refining my go-to travel look. 

I have two rules when it comes to dressing for a long-haul flight: It has to be comfortable and something I wouldn't mind being seen in if I bumped into a co-worker. With that in mind, I think I've found the best travel outfit formula. Here are the exact items I mix and match on a flight, depending on my mood and the destination. Every item ticks the boxes: They're incredibly well made, stretch, don't rub, are casually stylish, and stand up to the rigors of flight after flight. If you bump into me at the airport, this is what I'll be wearing.