I Fly Over 200 Hours a Year—This Is My Fail-Safe Travel Outfit

Updated 04/28/19
The Best Travel Outfits for Flying—Sophie Miura

There's a certain art to building the perfect airport outfit. Last year, I spent 203 hours on airplanes jetting from New York to Tahiti, Australia, Finland, Japan, and more as part of my job as an editor and travel writer. When I'm not reviewing new hotels and airlines for work, I try to squeeze in the odd trip to explore under-the-radar vacation spots at my own pace. So trust me when I say I've had enough practice refining my go-to travel look. 

I have two rules when it comes to dressing for a long-haul flight: It has to be comfortable and something I wouldn't mind being seen in if I bumped into a co-worker. With that in mind, I think I've found the best travel outfit formula. Here are the exact items I mix and match on a flight, depending on my mood and the destination. Every item ticks the boxes: They're incredibly well made, stretch, don't rub, are casually stylish, and stand up to the rigors of flight after flight. If you bump into me at the airport, this is what I'll be wearing.


A Durable Carry-On

Main Line Duffel Leather-Trimmed Printed Canvas Weekend Bag
Paravel Main Line Duffel Leather-Trimmed Printed Canvas Weekend Bag $385

This is my go-to carry-on for weekend trips. I love the leather straps, waterproof material, and that I'm never asked to check it in if the overhead bins are full.

Away The Carry-On $225

A recent trip to L.A. revealed that the entire MyDomaine team swears by Away luggage. The hard shell means I never think twice about bringing a bottle of wine back from vacation and the hidden laundry bag is a godsend. 

Enclosed Lace-Up Shoes

Iris and Ink Raye Leather Sneakers $115

I prefer to wear these Iris and Ink sneakers if I'm traveling for work and want to look a bit more polished. 

Available in European sizes 37 to 41.

Flex TR8
Nike Flex TR8 $70

Lace-up sneakers are a must at airports: I can loosen the laces when my feet swell midair and don't feel gross in socks when I have to take them off to pass through security. 

Available in sizes 5 to 12.

A Leather Jacket

Rainier Jacket
The Arrivals Rainier Jacket $795

I always travel with a leather jacket because it makes my outfit look cool and styled, even if I'm wearing sneakers and leggings. This jacket by The Arrivals has been on my wish list for months.

Available in sizes XS to XL.

A Loose-Fitting Top

AYR The Scoopercool $65

I only just discovered AYR and love its relaxed basics for traveling. This scoop-neck T-shirt is loose and layers well with a leather jacket and cardigan. 

Available in sizes XS to XL.

Black Pants

Moto Washed Black Let Hem Jamie Jeans
Topshop Moto Washed Black Let Hem Jamie Jeans $75

I prefer to wear leggings, but if I'm lucky enough to be flying in business class, I try to look a bit more presentable. Topshop's Jamie jeans are the only ones I wear on a flight—they have so much stretch and a high waistband that's comfortable even if I feel bloated midair.

Available in waist sizes 24 to 36.

Victoria's Secret Knockout Leggings $67

These are my go-to leggings. They're thick and have a flattering high waist. 

Available in sizes XS to XL.

Quality Headphones

H4 Wireless Leather and Aluminium Headphones
B&O Play H4 Wireless Leather and Aluminium Headphones $300

I don't fly without these B&O Play over-ear headphones. They muffle the plane's white noise and look stylish, too. 

A Throw Blanket That Doubles as a Pillow and Scarf

Parachute Merino Travel Kit $169

Parachute's Merino Travel Kit makes coach feel like first class. I find the warm blanket makes it easier to get quality sleep on a flight and sometimes wrap it around myself like a scarf when the cabin is cold. Plus, it comes in a zip-up wool bag that is the perfect travel pillowcase.

A Waterproof Zip-Up Bag

Small Le Pliage Neo Nylon Tote in Blue
Longchamp Small Le Pliage Neo Nylon Tote in Blue $175

I've had this Longchamp tote for over five years, and it's lasted countless flights and adventures. The waterproof outer casing means that the contents are protected from any spills, and it folds up into a flat package to be stored in my luggage when I arrive at the destination. 

Mini Cross Body Bag
The Daily Edited Mini Cross Body Bag $125

This is the perfect crossbody bag for travel: It's small but still fits a phone and passport, zips up for safety, is made from durable leather, and can be monogrammed so you'll never mix it up with a stranger's bag. 

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