These Travel-Inspired Candles Bring the Vacation Vibes Right to Your Home

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A vacation might sound great right about now, but sometimes planning a trip just simply isn't in the cards. Luckily, there are little ways you can bring the vacation vibes straight to your home, no packed bags or expensive flights necessary.

Candles add instant warmth and ambiance to your home, but location-inspired scents have the ability to transport you to your dream getaway too. From California deserts to Italian coasts, there are tons of options out there that'll make every day feel like vacation.

Here, the best travel-inspired candles.

Homesick Road Trip Candle

Road Trip Candle

Courtesy of Homesick

If you're itching to get away but don't have a specific destination in mind, consider Homesick's Road Trip Candle. The candle's top notes are a blend of lime, leather, and marine, which evoke the feeling of hopping in your car, putting the top down, and just getting away. This candle is 13.75 ounces and is made of a natural soy wax blend. The non-toxic candle has cotton wicks and is free of lead, plastics, and other harmful materials, so you can have it lit all day, guilt-free.

Brooklyn Candle Studio Kyoto Escapist Candle

Kyoto Candle

Courtesy of Brooklyn Candle Studio

If your dream vacation includes stunning architecture and scenic tree-lined streets, Kyoto is your next stop. But if that's not in the cards just yet, you can still bring a piece of it right to your home with Brooklyn Candle Studio's Kyoto scent.

Inspired by the Japanese city, this candle combines Hinoki cypress, cedar, sandalwood, vetiver, and pine—a blend that evokes the wood, rain, and art of the city all in one. The 13-ounce candle is made of 100 percent soy wax and has a burn time of up to 70 hours, so you can enjoy your stay for quite some time.

This candle is part of the Escapist collection, which includes destination-inspired scents that'll transport you around the world. If Kyoto isn't at the top of your list, the collection includes seven other locations to sample: Brooklyn, Catskills, Italia, Maui, Santa Fe, Santorini, and Tuileries.

Dounia Moroccan Scented Candle - Oud

Moroccan Scented Candle

Courtesy of 54Kibo

Marrakesh may be a ways away, but thanks to this candle you can have a little piece of it in your home—literally. The candle is handmade in Morocco and features a warm scent that'll transport you straight there.

The raffia-scented candle has balsamic notes and hints of sweet, woody Oud that will transform any room. It's made of natural soy wax and poured into a glass vessel with a woven raffia basket container that resembles a traditional Moroccan style, making it a piece of décor, too.

Paddywax Parks Candle, Glacier

Parks - Glacier

Courtesy of Paddywax

Visiting a national park makes for one gorgeous getaway, but sometimes planning a trip isn't the easiest task. In the meantime, consider Paddywax's Glacier Candle. The white pine and hemlock scent is reminiscent of Montana's Glacier National Park—if you close your eyes you'll be amongst the natural foliage and landscapes in no time.

The 11-ounce candle is packaged in a stunning textured vessel you can repurpose once the candle burns through. And, if you've already visited Glacier, you can try another one of the park-inspired candles in the collection, like Olympic, Acadia, Yosemite, Great Smokey Mountains, Yellowstone, and Grand Canyon.

Rifle Paper Co. Amalfi Del Mar Candle


Courtesy of Rifle Paper Co.

We can probably all agree that the best way to unwind is on the Italian coast with the sea breeze blowing in the air. While that may not always be available to you after a long day, this candle by Rifle Paper Co. comes pretty close.

The Amalfi del Mar candle blends notes of eucalyptus, sea salt, lemongrass, and jasmine for a fresh, soothing blend that'll transport you to Italy immediately. The 9.5-ounce candle has a 40-hour burn time, so it'll allow you to stay for a bit, too. When it's not lit, the gorgeous blue vessel will be a soothing addition to your home's décor.

Nomad Noé Poet in Hangzhou Candle


Courtesy of Nomad Noe

Nomad Noé's candles are infused with stories from around the world, and according to this candle the one about the poet in Hangzhou, China, is worth hearing. This romantic candle is meant to evoke the feeling of an evening stroll by yourself, and has a floral scent that'll transform any room.

The scent is composed of white flowers, sweet jasmine, creamy tuberose, and gardenias, a combination that's supposed to boost compassion and calm your soul, making it ideal for any moment you need to unwind and relax. The candle is made of vegetable waxes and comes in a porcelain vessel with an accompanying lid so you can savor the scent between burns—it has a 55-hour burn time, however, so not to worry.

Scripted Fragrance Newport Candle

Newport Candle

Courtesy of Etsy

Newport, RI, is known for its Gilded Age mansions and seaside lifestyle—a pairing that makes for a great vacation, if we do say so ourselves. If you don't have any plans to visit, however, this Scripted Fragrance candle is the next best thing.

A blend of ocean rose, blooming lily, salty air, and light citrus will have you feeling like you're on a sailboat in no time. Plus, the 8-ounce, 100 percent soy wax candle comes in a reusable glass container, so you can repurpose it for little odds and ends when the candle burns through.

Bohéme Wanderlust Candle, Havana

Boheme Wanderlust Boxed Candle

Courtesy of Anthropologie

The allure of a mojito in a tropical paradise is hard to ignore, and thanks to this candle you'll never have to. Notes of bergamot, cumin, date, tobacco leaf, leather, smoke, incense, and musk are combined in this 8.5-ounce candle that's inspired by a night in Havana.

The candle has a coconut and vegan soy wax blend and a 50-hour burn time, so you can certainly stay awhile in your personal getaway. When the candle's finished, you'll have a lovely blush-colored container you can repurpose.

In addition to Havana, the Wanderlust Candles are available in an assortment of other cities—Asti, Goa, Istanbul, Tahiti, and Joshua Tree—that'll make every day feel like a getaway.

The Little Market Malibu Candle

Malibu Candle

Courtesy of The Little Market

Few things are better than waking up to an ocean breeze blowing in your room, but if you're not able to be beachside, this candle is a great alternative. It blends notes of orange blossom, lemon, and musk in a coconut-soy wax blend that's reminiscent of a calming sea mist. The hand-poured candles even have a charitable component as well—each sale benefits artisans at Prosperity Candle, an organization that helps resettle refugees in the United States.

Hotel Lobby Paris Votive Trio Candle Set

Paris Votive Candle Trio

Courtesy of Hotel Lobby Candle

They say Paris is always a good idea, so if want to transform your home into the City of Light this candle trio will help you get there. The set includes three votives—Linen, Rose, and Cassis—each of which is designed to make you feel like you're staying in a high-end Parisian hotel.

Linen has notes of pepper, linen, and sandalwood, while rose is a combination of rose de mai, white cedar, and musk. Cassis smells of crème de cassis, black currant, and tonka bean. Each is packaged in hand-painted glass vessels, which are designed to be repurposed once the candles are through.

The trio arrives in a gorgeous gift box that makes for a sweet housewarming gift, but we'd understand if this is one trip you'd want to take yourself.

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Savannah Candle

Savannah Candle

Courtesy of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

If you're dreaming of a southern retreat, the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Savannah Candle is the perfect solution. The Savannah-inspired candle blends citrus peel and nutmeg (amongst others) for a fragrance that feels like you're sipping sweet tea in a garden on a spring day.

The nine-ounce candle is free of preservatives, parabens, and other harmful chemicals, too, so you can go through the 60-hour burn time worry-free. If candles aren't your thing, the scent is also available as a diffuser.

Flores Lane Palm Springs Soy Candle

Soy Candle

Courtesy of Flores Lane

Palm Springs is all about that luxurious desert lifestyle, and this candle evokes just that. The Palm Springs scent includes notes of cactus blossom, neroli, and jasmine that'll transport you straight to the airy desert.

The candles are available in an assortment of sizes—full, travel, three-wick, 18-ounce, and 22-ounce—so you can try out a smaller size first to see if you like it. Regardless of which size you go with, each is hand-poured in West Hollywood and packaged in a black recycled glass jar labeled with the candle's destination, origin, forecast, and fragrance.

Botanica Canopy Candle

Botanica Glass Candle

Courtesy of Anthropologie

For a candle that has the essence of the Amazon rainforest, look no further than Botanica's Canopy scent. This candle will transport you straight to the forest, with no flights or hikes required. It includes notes of verdant teak wood, moss, fresh eucalyptus, and water lily—a woodsy combination with a 70-hour burn time. Plus, the soy candle is poured into a glass amber-colored vessel that'll look chic anywhere in your home.

If you have another destination in mind, the brand also offers several other location-inspired scents: Kalahari, Teahupo'o, and Grove.