The 11 Best Travel Tech Gadgets Jet-Setters Never Fly Without

Traveling can be one of the most amazing experiences, but it can also be stressful when you don't have the right gear (like plug converters or a portable cell charger). And if you're not a resident traveler, you may not even know what the best travel tech to bring with you on your next excursion is, whether you're exploring internationally or heading somewhere closer to home. "My favorite travel gadgets have been around the world with me and back and are ones I recommend time and time again to other travelers," Kasie Becker, expert traveler and blogger at Musings on Momentum, tells us.

Travel tech gear runs the gamut and can be everything from a pair of headphones to wear on the plane to a tripod to take just the right photos once you've landed at your destination. Also worth noting: Everything has to be easily packable and portable for when you're moving from place to place (and also not too flimsy). We decided to reach out to six of our favorite travel influencers to see what they pack when it comes to tech. After all, we figure they've already done all the hard work for us. Keep reading to see the travel tech gadgets they think you should add to your own personal packing list.