The Best True Crime Books Guaranteed to Give You Chills

As anyone who has tuned into Serial or binge-watched The Jinx and The Keepers knows, true crime narratives are often more compelling and disturbing than anything fiction can make up, and reading all the details in a book makes us feel like we're getting the whole story. Adrenaline junkies, DIY sleuths, and self-proclaimed investigators, rejoice: Today's reading list will spotlight the 14 best true crime books around.

Admittedly, the dichotomy of intrigue and disgust is what makes this such a peculiar, tricky-to-execute genre. It begs the question: Why are we drawn to what we know is wrong, and better yet, how are we as consumers complicit in the reverberations of tragedy?

Since the best true crime books feature honest narratives that honor the victims and survivors, we made sure each one in this reading list fits the bill. Complete with whodunits and whydunits, these 14 true crime books don't just package violence as entertainment for the sake of it. Instead, they take us inside the belly of the beast with a self-aware, earnest, and dogged sense of commitment to effective storytelling, truth, and justice. Without further ado, check out our reading list of the best true crime books for anyone prepared to be shook.