11 Pieces of Wall Art We Just Can't Stop Thinking About

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There’s nothing homey about empty walls. Displaying pieces that reflect your personality and design ethos can instantly transform your space into a personal art gallery. Your picks don't have to be all two-dimensional, either. Prints can, of course, catch the eye but mirrors add light and visual interest, shelves provide a stylish space for tchotchkes, and sculptural pieces work just as well on the wall as the floor.

From canvases to hanging baskets and fiber art to marble murals, decor makes a house (or an apartment, or a condo) a home. So whether you’re assembling a gallery wall or searching for a small piece to brighten a drab corner, these picks will pop on walls of all shapes and sizes.

Here, the best wall decor we just can't stop thinking about.

Tactile Matter Leaning in Print

Leaning In by Kenesha Sneed

 Courtesy of Tactile Matter

Los Angeles-based artist Kenesha Sneed has created digital illustrations for the New Yorker, Google, the New York Times, Refinery29, and many, many more outlets. Now, you can pick up your very own print via her online shop, Tactile Matter.

A multi-hyphenate illustrator-ceramicist-art director, Sneed has released collections including prints, blankets, mugs, vases, and hair picks since 2016. Each of her pieces are inspired, in part, by her Southern California upbringing. While she has a handful of prints for sale right now, we're drawn to Leaning In. The made-to-order print comes framed and ready to go with hanging hardware so you can admire it ASAP.

Rivet Iron Circle Metal Hanging Wall Mirror

Rivet Iron Circle Metal Hanging Wall Mirror


Mirrors are the multitaskers of wall decor. This affordable pick is modern and chic, and no, it’s not from a high-end boutique; you can score this eye-catching piece on Amazon without breaking the bank. Complete with a fan of prongs that are finished in ultra-trendy gold, it lends just enough glamor without being too over the top.

Not only will this sunny mirror brighten up your home, it’ll help make small spaces look bigger and provide a spot for a quick primp. Try hanging this gorgeous piece in the powder room, entranceway, or over the mantel where it’ll reflect the glow of your chilly evening fire.

NWT Framed Canvas Wall Art

NWT Framed Canvas Wall Art - Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon 

Who said art has to be expensive? Between its crisp canvas texture and sleek framing, this striking, geometric piece by NWT looks like it’s straight out of an art gallery (only it’s way, way more affordable). Each piece is printed on shrink-resistant material with latex ink that's virtually fade-proof, and you have your choice of two sizes: 16 x 24 inches and 24 x 36 inches.

NWT offers 43 designs, from architectural scenes and Chinese cherry blossom trees to reproductions of masterpieces like Gustav Klimt's Lady with a Fan. So, go ahead and spruce up those blank spaces or get started on that gallery wall you’ve been meaning to design.

Minted Ethereal Marble Removable Wall Mural

Minted. Mural In Etherial Marble - Minted.

 Courtesy of Minted

Looking to make a huge impression without the commitment of paint or the hassle of piecing together multiple works of art? Minted's murals turn your wall into a canvas—and you won’t even have to hire an artist. Take, for instance, this dreamy Ethereal Marble option which adds magic to any bedroom, bathroom, or office. It’s available in 10 x 10.25- and 12 x 12.25-foot sizes (more sizes are available for different murals) and can give your blank room a dramatic makeover with little time and effort. 

The murals arrive in peel-and-stick panels that adhere to your wall, and the company promises that there’s “no experience required.” The best part for commitment-phobes is that if you change your mind, they’re easy to remove, too. 

Phillips Collection Fashion Faces Wall Decor

Fashion Faces Wall Decor (set of 3) - Perigold

 Courtesy of Perigold

This posh set of Fashion Faces will make any space en vogue. With their catwalk-worthy expressions and eye-concealing bangs, these lovely ladies look like they belong in a city loft apartment or a fashion magazine editor’s corner office. 

You, too, can evoke these urban-chic vibes with this sassy trio. Available in elegant black and gold or wintery white and silver, the Fashion Faces set would look stunning in any room that could use a dose of quirky sophistication.

West Elm Moglea Hand Painted Scribble Wall Clock

Moglea Scribble Wall Clock - West Elm

 Courtesy of West Elm

Analog clocks may be “retro,” but this modern time-teller doubles as a charming piece of art. It’s made in Iowa with a hand-painted wooden face and metal hands in trendy brushed gold. Complete with an endearing scribble amidst geometric lines, this clock doesn’t take itself too seriously (and neither should you).

While the Moglea Clock would look lovely in any room, we see it right at home in a kids bedroom, primary suite, or home office. That said, mount it anywhere you often check the time because that playful squiggle will take the sting out of running late.

The term “Primary Suite” is now widely used to describe the largest bedroom in the home with an en suite bath, as it better reflects the space’s purpose. Many realtors, architects, interior designers, and the Real Estate Standards Association have recognized the potentially discriminatory connotations in the term “Master.” Read more about our Diversity and Inclusion Pledge.

Menu Gridy Fungi Oak Solid Wood Floating Shelf

Perigold Grindy Fungi Wall Shelf

 Courtesy of Perigold

These wooden wall shelves are minimalist, but it’s what you put on them that really counts. Menu's Grindy Fungi Wall Shelves are modeled after the half-moon-shaped fungi that grow on trees and yes, they look fantastic in a cluster. Even better: They pull double-duty by putting your favorite items on display and adding a sculptural element to your decor.

Sleek and understated, these shelves make anything you place on them pop. Try topping them with succulents, vases, sculptures, photos, books, or your favorite collectibles. Really, the possibilities are endless.

Urban Outfitters Nova Iridescent Mirror

UO Nova Iridescent Mirror

 Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

More pretty than practical, this mystical mirror offers a sunset-like glow thanks to its iridescent sheen. Like a traditional mirror, it bounces light which makes even the tiniest room seem larger, but with its purple-pink hue, subsequent reflections are the stuff of dreams. 

Thanks to its fairytale-like colors and easy-to-hang size, the Nova Iridescent Mirror makes an enchanting addition to a gallery wall, bedroom wall, or vanity nook. Not sure if you’ll like it hung vertically? It also doubles as a tray for cosmetics, jewelry, and knickknacks.

Jungalow Peach Dash Wall Hanging

Jungalow Peach Dash Wall Hanging

 Courtesy of Jungalow

Whether centered over a sofa or strung up above a mantel, woven wall hangings add an instant dose of texture and pattern to any space. Jungalow's Peach Dash Wall Hanging, which is handwoven in India, will draw enamored glances with its shaggy fringe and abstract stripes.

Since the tapestry is done up in neutral shades of cream, camel, and black, it'll work with just about any wall color. While it'll certainly add interest to a stark white wall, if you've taken the plunge and added an on-trend accent wall in, say, emerald or navy, it'll add even more depth.

Social Print Studio Giant Photo Strips

Social Print Shop Giant Photo Strips

 Courtesy of Social Print Shop

There’s nothing like art with a personal touch. With their flashback-like feel, these photo booth-style strips are a creative way to display your favorite snapshots, especially if you’re short on cash or shelf space. 

Social Print Studio's Giant Photo Strips come in sets of two, so you can pick up to eight pictures to upload, edit, and assemble. They’re printed on glossy paper and can be put on the wall like a poster, or you can frame them with a set of magnetic wooden hangers (view on Social Print Studio).

Heartwood PNW Stef Teal Wood Art

Heartwood PNW Stef Teal Wood Art


Wall art doesn’t have to be flat. This summery piece pops with coastal colors and textures, making it a fresh addition to a gallery wall, bathroom, bedroom, or nursery…and did we mention it’s ideal for a cottage by the beach?

The 13 x13-inch mosaic is handcrafted from reclaimed wood then colored with eco-friendly paints in muted shades of white and teal reminiscent of a cottage by the sea. Since it’s available on Amazon Handmade, you’ll appreciate that this unique piece isn’t mass-produced. Instead, you'll be supporting the business of an independent artist based in Oregon.