The End-of-Workday Routine Successful Women Swear By


Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

For many, the last 10 minutes of the workday are spent either staring at the clock in fervent anticipation or frantically finishing up a project due to your boss the following morning. Unfortunately, neither of these options leaves you feeling refreshed and prepared to conquer the next workday on the horizon.

In an effort to help others curate an end-of-the-day routine that's conducive to success, Business Insider spoke with Michael Kerr, an international business speaker, and Lynn Taylor, a workplace expert and author of Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant. "How you finish the workday is very important. It can set your mood for the rest of your day," says Kerr. "It may impact your personal relationships, overall level of happiness, and how well you sleep that night; and it will set the stage for the next day."

In the words of Kerr and Taylor, here's what successful people do during the last 10 minutes of the workday:

They update their to-do list

Starting and ending each day with a to-do list is a great way to stay on task while also rewarding yourself with a sense of satisfaction throughout the day. "The last 10 minutes is when [successful professionals] … check their final progress against that day's objectives," explains Taylor. "They revise their final list accordingly while in the moment, rather than abruptly leave and hoping they'll remember all the nuances of that day in the morning."

They organize their desk

Coming into a workspace scattered with paperwork and used coffee cups isn't exactly the best way to start your day. "Having an orderly desktop and desk will help you think more clearly and prioritize more effectively. It'll also help you quickly find important documents when you need them," explains Taylor. "File digital and hard copy documents for easier access and greater efficiency when you need them next."

They leave on a positive note

There are multiple ways to end the day on a positive note—even something as simple as saying goodbye to your co-workers or reviewing all that you've accomplished that day can make a difference. "Taking even one minute to review what you achieved can give you a sense of accomplishment," says Kerr. "Happiness research tells us that doing a simple routine like this, and taking the time to reflect on what you accomplished, is a key way to boost your overall level of happiness."

Head over to Business Insider for the remaining tips, and tell us how you end each workday below!