Seriously, This Is the Most Realistic Way to Make Quick Money Online

Brooke Testoni

It's a common dilemma: You'd love to make some extra money on the side, but your dedication to your actual job leaves little to no time for a second gig. To that end, any spare time you do have is devoted to recharging your batteries or socializing with friends and family (rightfully so). 

But the internet hasn't just changed the way we date, shop, and eat; making money has also been streamlined and simplified for the digital age. Enter Craiglist, Amazon, and eBay, the golden trifecta of websites that make earning extra money as simple as opening up a new tab in your browser (with Netflix playing on the other).

"Rummage through your stuff, find anything of value that you don't need, and sell it," suggests Business Insider. This includes clothing, furniture, décor, kitchenware, basically anything that's gathering dust in your house. "If you're interested in going further than that start selling your family and friend's items for a commission." 

What's more, these items don't have to be in pristine condition (though you'll probably make more if they are); as long as you manage expectations and are upfront and honest about the wear and tear of your items (within reason, of course), you should have no problem. 

I've personally had success selling clothes from college on eBay that I knew I'd never wear again. I'd spend a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday morning taking pictures of each item (to get the best natural lighting possible; taking them at 7 p.m. after work won't cut it). From there, I'd list them on eBay at an auction price for one week. With this method, you have $0 overhead costs, so you essentially have nothing to lose except for a few hours of your time.

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