The Best Way to Organize Jewelry According to Your Style

Between disappearing earring backs, tangled necklaces, and misplaced bangles, it's safe to say that we'd benefit from organizing jewelry a little more effectively. This is especially true for us urban dwellers, for whom spacious closets are hard to come by and limited drawers hit maximum capacity quickly. Since keeping track and taking care of our precious pieces should be a priority, we decided to get creative about space-saving ways to store, display, and protect jewelry in our closets and bedrooms. 

Since there's no singular best way to organize jewelry, we decided to come up with a few different solutions based on style both at home and out on the streets. Whether you're a minimalist or you love to make a statement, and even if you oscillate between the two, we've come up with the five best ways to organize your jewelry accordingly. Scroll through to decide which stylish method suits you and your collection of goods best. 

The Dainty Collector: Store It in a Drawer


If you store too many dainty chains and necklaces in a box, it will likely become tangled, so just put your go-to pieces in here in lieu of a catchall on your bedside table. But if you only have a few go-to pieces that you rarely take off, then a jewelry box or catchall is all you need. Place it on your bedside table if there isn't too much clutter on it already, and simply lay out your watch since you'll be putting it right back on before you head out the door. Instead of choosing a traditional jewelry box, we like to go for one that represents our personalities and styles.

If you love sorting through flea markets for little knickknacks and keepsakes to add dimension to your home, then keep your eyes out for a character-filled tin box during your next visit. Affordable and charming, this storage solution is perfect for anyone with just a handful of jewelry, and it'll maintain your clean, minimalist look at home, too. 

Lightbox Blue Moon Pendant $700

This lab-grown diamond necklace is too beautiful not to display. The pendant is unique yet simple enough for everyday wear.

Petrified Wood Box
CB2 Petrified Wood Box $50

Put your most precious pieces in this petrified wood box. 

The Statement-Maker: Use a Tray and a Hand

Best Way to Organize Jewelry
Emily Henderson

Since you likely have a ton of cool statement pieces to keep track of, take advantage of some organizational pieces like trays and stands. If you keep these awesome pieces out in open, this will also allow them to make a statement in your home as makeshift décor pieces. Put a narrow dresser or console by a mirror and then place a tray on it. The tray will make it look more put together rather than just strewn across the table haphazardly. Not only will a geometric gold table mirror make it easier for you to fasten your jewelry, but it'll also bring a lot more style to your space. 

Gold-plated Pearl Earrings
Isabel Marant Gold-tone Earrings $250

We love how the contrasting shapes give these classic hoops some geometric edge. 

Consort Design Brass "High Five" Hand $195

Coffee table décor meets ring display. 

The Accessory Queen: Go Vertical Spotlight Your Sunglasses

Organizing Accessories
Nicole Cohen for MyDomaine

Okay, so you aren't big into jewelry, but you still have a ton of other accessories that you need to organize and stash away stylishly. Whether you love personality-packed clutches, sunglasses, or scarves, you can let them steal the spotlight by inserting a wall unit to hang them up like a piece of art. This is also a great way to maximize space since it doesn't take up any room on the floor and it doesn't require bulky furniture.

We love the way the sunglasses are styled in the bedroom above. Aside from chic styling options, it's also super practical; a wall display will protect your favorite sunglasses without their cases and keep your bags clean. Plus, you can just grab them off the wall instead of rummaging through drawers, which we all know can really slow you down when you need to run out the door.

Prins 24K Gold-Plated Cuff
Lucy Folk Slice of Heaven Cat-eye Acetate Sunglasses $360

Warm tones and nature-inspired materials will brighten up any outfit. 

cove marble shelf
CB2 Sove Marble shelf $129

Cluster these marble wall shelves together to display your favorite sunglasses and décor out in the open. 

The Tomboy: Repurpose a Vintage Box

We the People Style

Dressers aren't just for undergarments and delicates—they can also be used for jewelry and accessories. If you have a ton of delicate and dainty layering pieces and special heirlooms, a drawer is your best bet for safe keeping. If there's a shallow top drawer, that's even better. Just line it with something velvet or suede to prevent unwanted scratches and a more sophisticated aesthetic.  

Not only will this make it easier for you to scan your entire collection in an easy flash, but it'll also help you stay on top of your items since it'll be designated specifically for your jewelry. No more scattered items! Just slide it closed when you're ready to go, and your pieces will stay tucked away, only to be spotlighted while you're bringing them out for a spin.

Set Of Five Gold-tone Rings
Roxanne Assouline Rainbow Brite set of three enamel bracelets $210

This set of bracelets knows how to have fun. 

Kubus 8 Base Brass Plated
by Lassen Kubus 8 Base Brass Plated $128

Let your jewelry rest somewhere just as glamorous and shiny as it is. 

The Maximalist: Put It on a Stand

Viva Luxury

If you have a ton of costume jewelry, eccentric beaded pieces, and bulkier bangles, then you'll probably need the extra help of a jewelry stand. Since your collection is likely full of bright colors and gorgeous shine as is, we suggest selecting a neutral stand that does the organizational trick without drawing too much attention. This way, your jewels can do all the talking, and they won't get tangled or misplaced as easily.

If you have a sprawling collection and feel like there's not enough room to store your jewelry on one stand, you can aways divvy up your jewelry and organize it differently according to category type. For example, put the rings in a little catch-all since they won't get tied up in knots together, the earrings laid out in a divided drawer, and the necklaces on a wall unit. 

acrylic stacking tray
Gorjana G Rings Set of 3 $45

Everyone needs a classic set of stacking rings. 

Menu Modern Jewelry Stand $45

A simple and modern jewelry stand is a serious game changer. 

This was originally published on June 21, 2017, and has since been updated. 

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