Stop Hitting Snooze—Here Are 16 of the Best Ways to Wake Up

We would all be morning people if waking up wasn’t so hard. No one wants to war with the snooze button every morning, but sometimes it is necessary. It’s time to break the habit, and we have some helpful tips. Nothing can improve your morning if you are reckless at night. The oldest trick in the book is to go to sleep earlier, but there are dozens of other factors that can prevent a proper night’s rest.

For example, caffeine after dark is almost never a good idea, and the same goes for alcohol; even if a drink helps to make you tired, it will not help you stay asleep the whole night. Also, screens can keep your mind awake even as your body begs for sleep. A routine can be just as effective at helping you fall asleep as it can be to help you rouse the next morning.

Check out our tips on the best ways to wake up and begin your transition to being a morning person immediately.