Wedding Registries That Will Ensure You Actually Get the Gift You Want


There is so much to plan when it comes to your wedding day that you'd be forgiven for neglecting the all-important gift registry. In fact, you could argue that the days of receiving a toaster paired with 100-thread count towels are a little redundant in this day and age, with most couples already building homes (and impressive furniture collections) way before they say "I do." Luckily, unique weddings are no longer a rarity these days. Instead, brides and grooms are opting to make their big days a true embodiment of who they are as a couple, registries included. 

So if you're looking for the best wedding registries geared towards the modern-day bride, so that you can actually ensure you'll be getting gifts you need and want, we've curated the best and equally unique ones to choose from. Read on for our top selections. 

Not Another Toaster 

The name says it all really, but Not Another Toaster really does take the work out of a gift registry. Once you've created your ultimate list (this can even include experiences to have on your honeymoon or a dollar amount for an item you'd like to purchase yourself), registry cards are then sent to your guests with the details. Guests can choose to purchase your gifts by internet, phone, or even the post. Once the big day is over, you will receive gift contributions by direct deposit at the closure of the registry. 

The Wedding Nest 

The Wedding Nest really is made for interior lovers. Featuring beautifully curated accessories, furniture pieces and statement art, you're bound to find wish-list worthy pieces that will entirely make-over your space as a celebration of your new union. 

My Gift Registry

If flexibility is what you're after, My Gift registry is for you. Not only does is allow you to create a registry in close to five minutes, but if you're leaning towards a wishing well, you can opt for that too. Better yet, instead of noting who gave you which gift, you can download a list of everyone who made a contribution making it even easier to send "thank you" cards. 

Vintage Luggage

If you love the finer things in life (and really, don't we all?) Vintage Luggage not only provides guests with a fine selection of books, homeware and even luggage, but it also has an amazing vintage curation of items perfect for the home. While the items tend to be quite pricey, it's a great option for family members to join forces and buy you a keepsake that you'd never be able to buy for yourself. Vintage Louis Vuitton writing desk anyone? 

Travel Registry

If you're planning on getting some serious travelling done now that the wedding is over, Travel Registry allows your guests to contribute to your travels instead of getting you a present. Whether it's for flights, an evening of cocktails, or accommodation, you'll be set for your most luxurious holiday yet. 


If you've got everything you need, and would like to be philanthropic with your wedding registry, Zankyou offers a charity option. You can either add a charity element to a more traditional registry, or, allow your guests to choose where they would like to donate the funds. Better yet, Zankyou also transfers donations in your name to an NGO of your choice. 

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