Experts Say This Is What You Really Should Register For

Congratulations, you're engaged! While you relish in the warm glow of your romantic bliss, deciding to spend the rest of your lives together is just the first of many decisions you'll have to make for your upcoming nuptials. Cake or cupcakes; customized Snapchat filter or DIY photobooth? But there may be one decision that you've already made: opting for a honeymoon fund over a traditional registry. 

If you, like many, have said "I do" to a lease before your wedding vows, you've probably already invested in furnishing your home. While a honeymoon fund is a great alternative, there's still something to be said to having a traditional registry—even if you're not so traditional.

Just ask Melissa Baran, managing editor at Style Me Pretty. Baran tells us that going with a registry was one of the best decisions she made. Even though she and her husband had been together for eight years and weren't starting from scratch. Baran says, "As a young couple, you may not have had the opportunity to buy the 'extras,' and your registry is a great time to do just that."

Of course, where you register also requires close attention, Baran notes, so today she's walking us through some of her top registry suggestions from Bloomingdale's. Keep scrolling for her anything-but-boring picks that will turn your house into a home.

Convinced? What dream item would you put on your wedding registry? Tell us in the comments below.