The Wine Accessories Every Vino Lover Should Own

Wine Accessories

To some, there are just two types of wine: red and white. To others, there are endless combinations of varietals, locations, and vintages that produce continuously unique bottles of wine made for sipping and savoring. If you identify with the latter camp of wine drinkers and feel that the label wine aficionado isn't too far of a stretch, you likely have a bar cart full of wine accessories already stocked at home. If not, it's time to elevate your accessories.

Yes, a classic set of wine glasses is a good place to start, but there are so many other accessories that every oenophile should have at their disposal. For instance, a decanter to allow your red wine to taste as full-bodied as it's meant to be or a beautiful (and functional) wine rack to show off your favorite bottles. Not to mention wine coolers, stoppers, coasters, carriers, and the perfect opener. Take your wine Wednesday up a notch with a few of the best wine accessories around. Shop these 21 to get your collection started.

Williams-Sonoma Wine Chiling Wands
Williams Sonoma Wine Chiling Wands $40

Rather than watering down a glass of white or rosé with ice cubes to get it cool in a hurry, just add one of these chilling wands to any glass of wine. They make for a quick and easy way to bring your beverage to the ideal drinking temperature.

Metropolitan Wine Glass, Set of 2
Vera Wang Metropolitan Wine Glasses $50

Every wine collection needs a few high-quality glasses. We love this pair from Vera Wang.

Quarry Geode Bottle Stopper
CB2 Quarry Geode Bottle Stopper $12

For when you just want to enjoy a single glass of wine with dinner, a chic stopper to keep your bottle fresh for another time.

Vingalcé Wine Bottle Chiller $90

This genius wine accessory fits any standard bottle of wine and will keep it chilled at just the right temperature. It's ideal for picnics in the park or at the beach.

Vinturi Vertical Wine Opener
Williams Sonoma Vinturi Vertical Wine Opener $100 $80

A simple corkscrew will do the trick, but if you're looking to elevate your wine opener, turn to this vertical one. It's as stylish as it is easy to use.

Marble Wine Chiller
Williams Sonoma Marble Wine Chiller $60

Instead of hiding a bottle of white away in the fridge before opening at a dinner party, display the beverage is this sophisticated, hand-carved marble wine chiller.

The Food52 Vintage Shop Moroccan Spanish-Style Wine Glasses $84

These Spanish-style wine glasses would make a fine addition to any wine-lovers collection. Just add Rioja.

Crosshatch Wine Rack
Anthropologie Crosshatch Wine Rack $98

We've yet to find a chicer way to display and store wine bottles than with this crosshatch wine rack. It's also perfect for small spaces with minimal cabinet space.

Pedal Happy Leather-Handled Wine Carrier $65

For the committed wine drinker, leather-handled wine carriers to carefully transport a bottle of your finest one from one location to another.

Menu Wine Breather Decanter $55

This decanter adds 10 times more oxygen to any bottle of wine in just two minutes. The best part is, once the wine has had time to breathe, you can serve it straight from the stylish carafe.

Threshold Wood & Glass Fold Finish Bar Cart $135

If you have the room for it, a bar cart is a timeless way to display and store all of your wine and accessories.

Anthropologie L'Atelier du Vin Gard'win Win Keeper $60

Protect an unfinished bottle of wine from going sour with this beautiful wine stopper that actually removes oxygen from the bottle. 

Wine Food
Anthropologie Wine Food $25

Almost as important as the wine itself is the food you pair it with. This book will help you plan your food and wine pairings to perfection.

Ekobo Recycled Bamboo Wine Bucket $28

What could be chicer than this asymmetrical wine bucket made from recycled bamboo?

Marble Coaster
West Elm Marble Wine Coaster $19

Another striking way to display a bottle of wine out in the open is with a wine coaster. We love the look of the gold and marble one.

Elegance Stemless Wine Glass, Pair
Waterford Elegance Stemless Wine Glasses $50

Change things up with a pair of stemless wine glasses for a more modern look.

Anthropologie L'Atelier du Vin Round Perched Wine Carafe $225

A clear carafe to take your wine to a whole new level of sophistication.

West Elm Wine Bottle Accessory Set $29

This clever wine accessory set has everything you could need to enjoy a glass of vino all stored away in a playful wine bottle-shaped case.

S'Well Geode Rose Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle
S'well Geode Rose Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle $35

Those in the know are keen to the fact that S'well bottles are an under-the-radar way to transport wine with you just about anywhere. The insulated bottles are perfect for maintaining temperatures and will fit a whole bottle of vino.

Uashmama Wine Bag & Cooler $34

For a less secretive way to bring a bottle of wine with you to an event, invest in one of these wine bags that double as coolers.

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