You're 2 Days Away from the Chicest Wine and Cheese Night of Your Life

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It’s hard to imagine how a wine and cheese night could be improved. Over the course of centuries, we’ve perfected the combination. We know which wines complement which cheeses—and which meats, breads, and spreads are worth adding to the mix. But in the age of Instagram, the wine and cheese night has morphed into something new—something aesthetic. We’re no longer exclusively concerned with how the thing tastes; its form must offer as much as its flavor. For the first time in a long time, the wine and cheese night can be improved—with the help of a few wine and cheese night accessories.

Wine and cheese night die-hards know that charcuterie looks better served on a cheese board than it does on a simple plate. They understand that cheese knives are more elegant—and more efficient—than standard kitchen knives. Elegant wine glasses are a given. But what about chic bottle holders, which cool your wine while you wait to enjoy it? Or kitschy-cute wine charms, which help you differentiate your glass from your friend’s? Or sleek wine stoppers, which keep leftover wine in tip-top shape? (On the rare occasion you don’t finish a bottle entirely, of course.)

But in the age of Instagram, the wine and cheese night has morphed into something new—something aesthetic.

Each of these items kicks your wine and cheese night’s photogeneity up a notch. And combined, they leave you with a wine and cheese night so incredibly stunning you can’t not share it with all of your friends and followers. 

The only problem? Amassing these aesthetic must-haves can get pricey—and frankly, a little effort-intensive. A beautiful wine and cheese night is a lovely thing, but it’s not worth visiting store after store (after store); the “do it for the ‘gram” mentality can only carry you so far. Thankfully (and perhaps, surprisingly), Amazon has all kinds of veritably chic wine and cheese night accessories on offer—tons of which are budget-friendly and able to ship in two days. 

In other words, you’re a mere 48 hours from a truly Instagram-worthy wine and cheese night. And your journey there is neither inconvenient nor expensive.

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Gold-Rimmed Glasses

wine glasses
Amazon Rose Crystal Red Wine Glass Set $26

First things first: You need a set of seriously chic wine glasses. These gold-rimmed, rose crystal glasses are cute without being too much. (Which, unfortunately, can’t be said of many tinted wine glasses.)

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Rustic Cheese Plate

cheese board
Thirteen Chefs Tramanto Olive Wood Cheese Board and Serving Tray $25

This elegant cheese board is sure to stun—even if you left it totally empty. Purchase the size that best suits your needs, and let it be the go-to serving tray for all your favorite meats and cheeses.

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Elevated Corkscrew

rose gold corkscrew
Hanee Rose Gold Premium Wing Corkscrew $10

No wine and cheese night is complete without at least one bottle opener—ideally, a cute one. (Who says necessities can’t look good?) Invest in a corkscrew you’ll actually want in all your Instagrams, and whip it out the next time a bottle needs opening.

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Chic Cheese Tools

gold cheese knives
Robinson Gold Cheese Tools $15

Cheese knives may seem abjectly unnecessary; a standard kitchen knife can do all the cutting, slicing, and spreading you need—right? Sure. But cheese knives are endlessly sophisticated, designed to accommodate all kinds of cheese textures, and small enough to balance comfortably atop your cheese board (whereas longer kitchen knives are constantly falling off).

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Chill Out

wine chiller
RSVP International Gray Marble Wine Cooler $23

Keep your wine chilled in a decidedly sophisticated way with a sleek wine cooler. This gray marble option will seamlessly fit into any kitchen aesthetic—plus, it’ll keep your favorite whites and rosés cold (which is an absolute must).

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Knives Out

cheese knives
ONIPU Cheese Knives with Wood Handle $29

Those who plan to take their charcuterie spreads very seriously will surely appreciate this 6-piece cheese knife set, which is as cute as it is useful. Complete with a pronged knife, spreader knife, serving fork, thin knife, small spade, and chisel knife (from left to right), this set will meet all your charcuterie needs—and it’ll look good doing it.

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Personal Aerator

wine aerator
Aervana Essential Electric Wine Aerator and Pourer $60

No one needs a personal wine tap. But if you’re the kind of person looking to take your wine and cheese night to the next level, this is a decidedly efficient way to do so. Simply slide this top onto your favorite bottle of wine. Then press a button to aerate and pour it.

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Chic and Practical Copper

copper wine chiller
Villa & Marx Copper Wine Bottle Chiller $33

This copper-finish wine bucket is equal parts chic and practical. Keep your wines chilled, elevate your wine and cheese night, and impress all your friends by being the kind of person who owns a wine chiller in the first place. Win, win, win.

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Antique-Inspired Charms

wine charm
Sailanzi Antique-Style Silver Wine Charms, 50 pieces $8

Wine charms are the key to telling your glass apart from your neighbor’s. And too often, they’re more kitschy than cute. This antique silver set is relatively unobtrusive—and decidedly on-theme.

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Full Set

cheese board set
Hecef Acacia Wood Cheese Board With Fork and Knife $21

A versatile cheese board and a couple versatile cheese knives in one? Yes, please.

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On-Trend Stopper

pineapple wine stopper
Fashioncraft Pineapple Themed Gold Wine Bottle Stopper $7

There are all kinds of practical wine stoppers on the market. But if you’re looking for something that’ll look great in your Instagrams, this pineapple-shaped beauty isn’t a bad place to start.

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