Found: 10 Stylish Backpacks You Won't Be Embarrassed to Wear to Work

If there's one trend I've been hesitant to embrace, it's wearing backpacks. No matter how many model-off-duty images I see, I can't help but shake the schoolgirl connotations. The dilemma? Having lived in New York City for two years, I realize backpacks aren't just trendy—they're a weekend and workwear essential if your commute involves catching the subway or walking. In this city, that's basically everyone.

After a few sheepish trips to the chiropractor, I've started searching for a stylish backpack that ticks all the boxes: It needs to be big enough to fit a laptop, durable for my daily commute, and understated so that I feel comfortable taking it to the office and after-work events. Here are 10 of the best I've found during my three-month-long search. If you pass me on the streets of New York, this is what I'll be wearing.