10 Wool Blankets That Are as Pretty as They Are Cozy

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Wool blankets are one of the coziest pieces of décor around. Not only are they exactly the kind of thing you want to snuggle up with when you’re cold (or let’s be real, in need of a nap), but they manage to offer function and form in equal measure.

Many of us are familiar with classic tartan wool blankets, AKA the plaid throws that seamlessly adorn any rustic décor scheme. But traditional wool blankets aren't the only designs you can find—nowadays there are plenty of chic wool throws made with vibrant colors and bold patterns, and even blankets designed to look like works of abstract art. 

No matter what aesthetic you’re cultivating, you’re bound to find a wool blanket that fits within it. Here, we found the best plush throws that are as chic as they are cozy, so you can snuggle up ASAP.

Sferra Tartini Throw

Tartini Throw

Searching for a statement-making blanket that’s as colorful as it is cozy? Sferra's Tartini Throw may be exactly what you’re looking for. This warm blanket is crafted entirely from soft merino wool, and it’s finished in one of five muted colors that'll look great draped over a sofa or at the foot of the bed.

The ends of this blanket are lined with fringe, creating delightful complement to any of the color choices—and leaving this blanket feeling particularly fun.

Woolrich Atlas Blanket

Woolrich Atlas Blanket

You can’t go wrong with a classic wool blanket, and Woolrich's Atlas Blanket proves it. This throw comes in six solid colors, and its no-frills design makes it a versatile addition to any corner of your home. At 50 x 60 inches, this blanket is the perfect size for a Twin bed—or for a couch that could use an added pop of coziness.

It's also a good option if you don't want a pure wool blanket, as it's made of a combination of regular and recycled wool and nylon. And since it's Woolrich, you can be sure you're getting a blanket that's made in the U.S. and will last for many, many years.

Wool blankets tend to give off rustic and traditional vibes, but contemporary options are just as abundant. Norwegian brand Røros Tweed specializes in luxury wool products, and their Mikkel Throw is a great example of combining elements of old and new. Made of Norwegian lambswool, this blanket features blocks of yellow, green, sky blue, and pale pink that form a pretty geometric pattern. The result is a throw that feels bold and bright—but just as cozy as a more classic option might.

Elvang Denmark Horizon Throw Blanket

Olive Grow Interiors Horizon Throw Blanket

Elvang Denmark's Horizon Throw Blanket is proof that a gray blanket can be just as statement-making as a more vibrant option. This throw, which is crafted entirely from recycled merino and alpaca wool, boasts a subtle gray gradient—dark charcoal stripes line the blanket’s center and stretch across its long edges, gradually growing lighter as they move toward each other. When folded, you can clearly see the gradient, but when it’s less neatly tossed aside, it looks more subtly textured and adds a touch of visual interest to any room. 

The Company Store Ledge Plaid Merino Wool Blanket

Ledge Plaid Merino Wool Blanket

Looking for a subtler take on the plaid wool blanket? The Company Store is here to help. With its soft colors and gentle texture, the Ledge Blanket is about as classic as wool blankets come. It comes in one of three toned-down colors—Cream, Fog, or Harvest—and is complete with fringe-lined edges. Available in Twin, Full/Queen, and King sizes, this is a perfect blanket to snuggle up with on cold winter nights. Drape it over the side of your couch or layer it over your duvet—no matter where you put it, it’s sure to deliver some welcome warmth.

Pendleton Glacier National Park Wool Blanket

Pendleton Wool Blanket

We’d be remiss not to mention Pendleton’s Glacier National Park Throw, which may be the most iconic wool blanket around. The off-white throw is crafted entirely from pure virgin wool, a material that’s thick, soft, and incredibly cozy. Each end of the blanket is lined with a series of stripes in vibrant shades of red, yellow, green, and black—and while this palette may seem a little counterintuitive, it plays surprisingly well with other décor. Plus, it’s the thing that makes this iconic blanket as recognizable as it is.

Lapuan Kankurit Revontuli Mohair Blanket

Lapuan Kankurit Mohair Blanket

Teal and kelly green may seem like a weird color combination for a wool blanket, but the pair looks seriously good on Lapuan Kankurit’s Revontuli Blanket. The colors work together to make the blanket feel both fun and contemporary—but without sacrificing any of its inherent warmth (the combination is inspired by the northern lights, after all). The result is a cozy throw that’ll dress up any corner of your home, adding a pop of personality (and of course, color) to any spot that needs it.

Faribault Tartan Wool Throw

Faribault Tartan Wool Throw

Wool blankets look good in just about every color, pattern, or print, but they look particularly great when rendered in tartan. Faribault’s Tartan Wool Throw gives you two different ways to add the classic pattern to your space—opt for the Natural Tartan print to get a versatile blend of yellow, black, red, and blue stripes on an off-white background, or choose the even bolder Red Tartan, which offers a similar series of stripes on a crisp red background. When it comes to such a classic print, it’s pretty hard to go wrong.

Upstate Sweater Blanket

Upstate Sweater Blanket

How's this for cozy? Upstate's Sweater Blanket, available exclusively at Huckberry, really looks and feels like your favorite vintage wool sweater—but you can actually wrap up your whole self in it. Made of 100 percent natural Portuguese wool, it brings to mind inviting fireplaces, warm drinks, and cozy nights spent in. Whether you're bring it with you to a cabin in the woods or just your studio apartment, it's a welcome addition to any winter scene.

What to Look For in a Wool Blanket


When choosing a wool blanket, the most important thing to consider is the type of wool used. One of the most common types is merino wool, which has super fine fibers that make for an exceptionally soft feel. Similarly, lambswool (or virgin wool) comes from a lamb's first shearing and is prized for its smooth and soft feel. Other popular types include mohair (which has a soft feel and fuzzy appearance), angora, cashmere, and shetland. An alternative to sheepswool is alpaca wool, which is both lighter and warmer than sheep's wool while still keeping that soft feel.


If you want a classic thick wool blanket, look for virgin lambswool or shetland. Merino, angora, and alpaca are typically lighter and softer, and are best if you're looking for a blanket that can double as décor draped over a sofa or foot of the bed. Many people find wool to be itchy, so if you're one of them you should probably avoid the coarse shetland and mohair wools. Look instead at merino and angora wool textiles, which are much softer and smoother on the skin.


Wool blankets tend to have a higher price tag than their cotton counterparts, because the process is labor-intensive and the yield for certain types of wool is low. Merino, angora, and cashmere are typically the most expensive varieties, but you can save a bit if you buy a wool blanket that's blended with synthetic fibers.

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