The Best Wrapping Paper for Making Your Gifts Stand Out

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Putting time and effort into picking out gifts for your loved ones is a given, but one aspect of the gifting process that often gets forgotten about is wrapping the presents. With the right gift wrap, a present can feel even more special—and if your presents also sit under the Christmas tree throughout the holiday season, you’ll want to make sure they look good. 

Aside from style, there are other factors to consider when purchasing gift wrap, like the type of gift wrap, the material, and how sustainable or versatile it is. Taking all these factors into consideration, we compiled the best wrapping paper on the market today to make your gifts even prettier.

Best Overall

Rifle Paper Co. Deck The Halls Wrapping Roll

Rifle Paper Co. Deck The Halls Wrapping Roll

Dimensions: 96 × 30 inches | Type: Coated text weight paper | Number of Sheets/Rolls: 1 roll | Recyclable: No

Wrapping paper doesn’t get much prettier than this stunning roll from Rifle Paper Co. It features colorful holiday-inspired illustrations imbued with the brand’s signature whimsical design style and gold foil accents.

Sold individually, each roll is 8-feet long and made from quality paper, which is on the thin side but creates a sleek look. The paper is also coated for extra shine and brightness and comes with gridlines on the back for convenience. If you want more options, check out the rest of Rifle Paper Co.'s wrapping paper collection—there are tons of designs available, as well as several that can be used year-round.

Best Budget

Hallmark Christmas Reversible Wrapping Paper

Hallmark Christmas Reversible Wrapping Paper

Dimensions: 72 x 30 inches | Type: Paper | Number of Sheets/Rolls: 3 rolls | Recyclable: No

Nobody knows Christmas better than Hallmark. So if you’re looking to dress up your presents on a budget, this wrapping paper from the classic brand is a great choice. Included are three rolls of reversible wrapping paper, each with different holiday themes and colors, so you’ll get six different designs ranging from Santa to snowflakes to classic plaid. Each roll offers 40 square feet of paper for a total of 120 square feet in the whole set. It’s an easy and affordable way to wrap gifts for the entire family.

Best Splurge

Unwrp Blobs of Joy Gift Wrap

Unwrp Blobs of Joy Gift Wrap

Dimensions: 20 x 28 inches | Type: Paper | Number of Sheets/Rolls: 3 sheets per roll | Recyclable: Yes

This reusable gift wrap from Unwrp is well worth the splurge. Founded in Brooklyn, Unwrp specializes in all things gifting and offers wrapping paper, fabric wraps, greeting cards, and more. This particular gift wrap is incredibly versatile, with a "joyful" message that can be used for any occasion and a hand-drawn design that's pretty enough to frame and display. Plus, each roll comes with three 20 x 28 inch sheets so you never have to worry about cutting evenly again.

Best Custom

Perfectlee Imperfect Custom Christmas Wrapping Paper

Perfectlee Imperfect Custom Christmas Wrapping Paper

Dimensions: 24 x 36 inches or 24 x 60 inches | Type: 90 GSM fine art paper | Number of Sheets/Rolls: 1 roll | Recyclable: No

If you want to go the extra mile with your gift wrapping, personalized wrapping paper is a great way to make your gift even more sentimental. This wrapping paper from the Etsy shop Perfectlee Imperfect allows you to add the recipient’s name to the holiday-themed design, so you can forego the name tags.

The name is printed edge-to-edge on premium gloss paper for a clean, smooth finish, and it comes in two different sizes (24 by 36 inches or 24 by 60 inches). The shop also offers other customizable designs, and you can have even more fun with it by adding your loved one’s face to the paper.

Best Reusable

Cool & Mellow Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth

Cool & Mellow Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth

Dimensions: 17 x 17 inches, 27 x 27 inches, 33 x 33 inches | Type: Linen | Number of Sheets/Rolls: 1 cloth | Recyclable: No, reusable

Tired of buying gift wrap every year and then just throwing it away? This reusable gift cloth isn't just eco-friendly, but it'll save you many trips to the store. It’s made from high-quality European linen, so it’s durable and looks really good. With three different sizing options, you’ll be able to easily wrap a variety of different gifts, and the neutral color choices make it great for all occasions. Plus, it's even machine-washable!

Best Reversible

DaySpring Reversible Christmas Wrapping Paper

DaySpring Reversible Christmas Wrapping Paper

Dimensions: 264 x 30 inches | Type: Paper | Number of Sheets/Rolls: 4 rolls | Recyclable: No

If you want all sorts of designs underneath your tree, reversible wrapping paper is an easy way to add a little variety to your display of gifts. This bundle comes with four rolls of wrapping paper and six coordinating designs, so your gift spread will be anything but boring.

The designs include festive motifs like hot chocolate, cookies, and candy canes, as well as messages like "Merry Christmas" and "Peace on Earth". Each role measures an impressive 22 x 2.5 feet and is printed on premium quality paper, all at a budget-friendly price.

Best Recyclable

Wrappily Peace on Earth/Evergreen Wrapping Paper

Wrappily Peace On Earth/Evergreens Wrapping Paper

Dimensions: 21.5 x 34 inches | Type: Newsprint | Number of Sheets/Rolls: 3 sheets | Recyclable: Yes

This wrapping paper allows even the most environmentally-conscious gifters to get into the holiday spirit. Not only is it 100 percent recyclable and compostable, but it’s also made of eco-friendly materials like newsprint and soy-based ink, plus comes in plastic-free packaging and lacks a cardboard inner tube.

It’s equally as stylish and festive, too. The reversible design features whimsical evergreen trees on one side and holiday messages of "Peace on Earth" on the other. In addition to three 21.5 x 34-inch sheets, you’ll also get adhesive gift tags and all the benefits of gifting green.

Best Sheets

Minted Holiday Season Wrapping Paper

Holiday Season Wrapping Paper

Dimensions: 20 x 28 inches | Type: Matte paper | Number of Sheets/Rolls: 5-500 sheets | Recyclable: No

Opting for sheets instead of a whole roll can save paper and time, and these adorable sheets from Minted will give your presents a little festive flair. Each sheet features chic holiday-themed illustrations and is printed on luxe matte paper for a smooth finish. Each sheet measures 20 by 28 inches, and you can order in sets ranging from five sheets to 500, so you'll be set no matter how many presents you're wrapping. Plus, you can use any leftover sheets as tissue paper or for other craft projects when the season's over.

Best Kraft

CB2 Kraft-Gold Gift Wrap

CB2 Kraft-Gold Gift Wrap

Dimensions: 72 x 30 inches | Type: Kraft paper | Number of Sheets/Rolls: 1 roll | Recyclable: Yes

Using kraft paper as your wrapping paper of choice has many benefits—it's more sustainable than regular wrapping paper, as well as stronger and more durable. This particular wrapping paper from CB2 combines all these perks with style, so you can rest assured knowing your presents will look great.

The two different reversible designs have natural kraft brown on the front and either metallic gold or matte black on the reverse side. Each roll offers six feet of paper and is printed with water-based ink, making it even more eco-friendly.

Best Hanukkah

Paper Source Hanukkah Tiny Delights Stone Wrapping Paper

Hanukkah Tiny Delights Stone Wrapping Paper

Dimensions: 120 x 30 inches | Type: Stone paper | Number of Sheets/Rolls: 1 roll | Recyclable: Yes

If you’re looking for wrapping paper for all eight nights of Hanukkah, this gift wrap from Paper Source is a must-have. The chic, whimsical design features all your favorite Hanukkah motifs and gold foil detailing against a light blue background. What’s even better is it’s made of stone paper, meaning it's mineral-based rather than wood-based, so it’s incredibly smooth, water-proof, and tear-resistant. In addition to its durability, its composition also makes it eco-friendly and recyclable.

Best Bundle

Grandin Road Deluxe Gift Wrap Bundle

Grandin Road Deluxe Gift Wrap Bundle

Dimensions: 27.5 x 19.5 inches | Type: Paper | Number of Sheets/Rolls: 12 sheets | Recyclable: No

If you want to get the most bang for your buck, this all-in-one gift wrap bundle includes every gift wrapping essential you’ll need this holiday season. While it is on the pricier side, it comes with 12 festive wrapping paper sheets, ribbon, snowflake name tags, and tons of decorative accents—and it all arrives in a stunning red gift box. Each wrapping paper sheet is roughly 27 by 19 inches, and there are four designs total so you can easily mix and match while still coordinating.

Best for All Occasions

Anthropologie Artful Wrapping Paper Roll

Artful Wrapping Paper Roll

Dimensions: 117 x 30 inches | Type: Paper | Number of Sheets/Rolls: 1 roll | Recyclable: No

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or a birthday, this wrapping paper from Anthropologie is so stunning and versatile that it will make any occasion feel even more special. Adorned with vibrant colors and abstract designs, it’s sure to add a little extra charm to your presents. There are three different patterns to choose from, and each comes with one 9.75 feet by 30 inch roll.

Final Verdict

If you want to really level up your gifting game, you can't go wrong with Rifle Paper Co.'s Deck The Halls Wrapping Roll (view at Rifle Paper Co.), which has a festive, chic design and is made from high quality paper. If you want your presents to look great but still stay within budget, Hallmark's Christmas Reversible Wrapping Paper (view at Amazon) offers three rolls and six different designs, all for an unbeatable price.

What to Look for in Wrapping Paper


There are tons of different types of paper that vary based on the materials used and the production method. You may be surprised to learn that the type of paper your gift wrap is made of will actually play a role in both its effectiveness and its overall appearance. Text weight paper, for instance, will be thinner and less durable than cover weight paper, but it will provide a chic look. Kraft paper or any type of paper made from recycled materials is going to be one of the strongest papers, so you won’t have to worry as much about it tearing. If you want your presents to have a luxe look, coated or high gloss paper will be shiny and bright.


Traditional wrapping paper comes in rolls that you cut based on the size of the gift you're wrapping. This type of wrapping paper typically provides more bang for your buck, with the average size of a roll ranging between 8-10 feet. You can also find wrapping paper sheets, which are sold not as a roll but as individual sheets of paper. This type of gift wrap requires no cutting, but is typically more expensive and can be inconvenient if you have a lot of larger gifts to wrap.


After the big reveal your next question is what to do with all the leftover paper. For the environment’s sake, recyclable or reusable paper is always a good choice. It’s important to read the fine lines and make sure the paper is entirely recyclable if it is in fact paper. Options like wrapping cloths or paper with versatile designs that you can reuse for other occasions are also great to keep in mind.

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