These Are the Best Young Adult Novels for Teens and Grown-Ups Alike

It might not be surprising to hear that kids these days are spending an average of nine hours a day consuming media. And adults, it doesn't look any better for us. In fact, we spend more than four hours a day just watching television. If you're a teen yourself, a parent, or just a person in the world, the remedy for too much screen time can be as simple as picking up a good book. And since we know that teen fiction isn't just for young adults (and that we're all just teens at heart, anyway), we rounded up the best young adult novels of all time. 

Whether you want to read the classics, pick up something with a contemporary spin, or read the latest YA releases, you'll find your match in our roundup of the best young adult novels, regardless of your age. Consider it the fun version of your middle school required summer reading list.