5 Easy Steps to the Best Night's Sleep Ever

Your sleep habits have a ripple effect on your overall health. Catching the right kind of z's every night is vital for your body to heal and restore. While the eight-hours-a-night ideal might not always be achievable with the hectic pace of life, Bustle reports you can up your snoozing power with a few easy day-to-day adjustments. Here are a few top hacks to guarantee you're getting the best rest. 

Avoid Sugar and Carbs Before Bed 

Studies suggest a little hunger before bed can be a good thing. You want your ghrelin levels (the hunger hormone) to be high to get quality deep sleep. Steer clear of carbs and alcohol in the late evenings. The added sugar can keep you awake, spiking insulin and decreasing your hunger hormone levels. Opt for lighter fare and good fats, like fish, avocado, and leafy greens. Leave the heavy meals and foods that cause indigestion for earlier in the day.

Wake Up and Work Out

A daily workout routine will help you get to sleep easier and faster. Sticking to a morning routine will ensure you'll get a daily burn in before the day gets away from you. If you prefer to get to the gym in the evenings, be sure to give yourself a minimum three-hour buffer between working out and bedtime. Exercise too close to sleep could leave you restless.

Set Your Thermostat 

Your body temperature naturally drops when you sleep. A room that's too warm can disrupt your natural cycle. Some studies suggest 65 degrees is the sweet spot when it comes to ideal nightly temperatures. Keep it cool, and if you're prone to chilliness, get extra cozy with some added blankets and comforters. 

Turn Off Your Devices

Power off your smartphones, tablets, and other light-emitting electronics. The blue light from your devices can disrupt your body's natural circadian rhythm. Holistic healer Luke Simon of Brooklyn’s Maha Rose Center for Healing and motivational speaker/author Richard Brendon endorse the 50-minute phone rule. Try unplugging from all your devices for the first and last 50 minutes of each day. A daily digital detox will provide you extra clarity and peace of mind throughout your busy week. 

Keep Your Room Dark 

The cavemen may have been onto something. Studies suggest the darker the better when it comes to signaling your body to rest. Little extras, from blackout shades to eye masks, can make all the difference. Clear your room of extra light by keeping your door shut and turning off all electronic devices. 

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