Brace Yourself: Beyoncé Released a Stunningly Intimate Pregnancy Album

Yesterday, Beyoncé Knowles Carter officially broke the internet with her moving Instagram pregnancy announcement that she's having twins. But, in typical Beyoncé fashion, that photo was just the trailer for yet another surprise album drop: Queen Bey then proceeded to release an entire pregnancy album titled "I Have Three Hearts" on her website.

Complete with poetic interludes, a Lemonade-esque underwater photo shoot, a few silent video clips, and shots of Blue Ivy, her mother, and Jay Z, the visual album is a heartfelt ode to family and motherhood. "Mother is a cocoon where cells spark, limbs form, mother swells and stretches to protect her child, mother has one foot in this world and one foot in the next," reads one poem, situated between a rainbow cloth-swaddled underwater photo of the pregnant songstress and the now iconic photo posted to her Instagram.

As if her empowering pregnancy shots aren't enough, the intimate throwbacks of the Carter family and Beyoncé's first pregnancy are enough to make anyone swoon. Scroll through the singer's stunning album below, and head over to her website for the full visual experience.

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