Beyoncé Just Revealed Her Twins' Baby Names on Instagram

Updated 07/14/17

While Obama's accidental revelation regarding the sexes of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's twins turned out to be false, (as did the rumour the pair had named the newest Carters Shawn and Bea), B herself took to Instagram today to announce the names of her littlest ones. In celebration of the twins turning one month old, Beyoncé uploaded a stunning image reminiscent of her now iconic pregnancy announcement and inspired-by album "I Have Three Hearts". The caption calls out the sweet monikers of the twins—Sir Carter and Rumi.

The name Rumi has origins in the Japanese culture and is said to have many meanings including "beauty", "flow", and even "lapis lazuli". Sir Carter may sound a little Hollywood to some, but as a modern take on Junior, we think it's equally charming. (Wonder if he'll be called Sir for short?) Only time will tell whether the latter moniker is a given or nickname, but one thing's for sure, there's bound to be a rise in popularity for both baby name.

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