These Big-Batch Cocktails Are the Secret to Actually Enjoying Your Own Party

Hosting a gathering for your friends and loved ones is undeniably satisfying, but the stress of pre-party preparations can be daunting enough to prevent you from inviting people over in the first place. That said, we've discovered a simple secret to taking the pressure off: big-batch cocktails. Whether you're hosting a casual Friendsgiving dinner or throwing an elaborate holiday bash, big-batch cocktails are the secret to actually enjoying your own party.

From spiced cranberry rosé spritzers to spiked hot chocolate, we're sharing the simple recipes you can make in advance to get the party started. With just a little effort (barely any, really) you can mix up these sippable beverages—and we promise no one will know you're lazy. Ahead is a collection of make-ahead, big-batch cocktail recipes that all but guarantee a stress-free gathering.