10 Big Batch Cocktails Guaranteed to Get the Party Started

A delicious, fragrant cocktail is one way to get the party started when hosting guests. If you'd rather let go of the responsibility of playing bartender all night, the best way to make sure everyone has plenty to drink is with a few big batch cocktails. That way everyone is free to serve themselves (and go back for as many refills as they want), leaving you with more time to spend enjoying yourself with the people you've brought together.

If you pride yourself on your mixology skills, fret not—big-batch cocktails can be just as elevated as any other handcrafted cocktail. You can prepare a delightful holiday sangria, a raspberry granita rosé cocktail, or a sparkling sage grapefruit concoction for a crowd. Make them in advance and display your creation in a chic pitcher to match the rest of the event's décor. Ahead, discover 10 big-batch cocktails that are so much more than a simple spiked punch. These recipes are sure to make any party a smash.