Big Daddy: Father's Day
Gift Guide

While they may sometimes appear to be the same--when they fall asleep on the couch while watching the US Open, say, or when they're trying on gray New Balance sneakers--we know that no two dads are the same. (Just look at My Two Dads.) So we've put together a personality-based gift guide designed to wow fathers of every stripe: from the jet-set sort, who hop a plane to London at a moment's notice and never seem to have a worthy umbrella, to the tech-savvy type, persistently in quest of the latest greatest headphones. We've covered the intellectual, whose appreciation for a well-hewn journal knows no bounds. And what round-up would be complete without a nod to the leisure-lover (artsy travel backgammon set anyone?) and the culinary savant (that Kiss the Chef apron needs to be retired for something a bit more distinguished). Read on for the buys that are guaranteed to make you the favorite child--even if he can't come right out and say so. dh-fathers-day-titles-01
dh-fathers-day-market-22 dh-fathers-day-market-02
Triptych Weekender, $695, Khoi Le Full Circle Vision Globe, $195, A+R
dh-fathers-day-market-03 dh-fathers-day-market-04
Big Dots Towel, $55, Saturdays Wooden Handle Umbrella, $60, Mr. Porter
dh-fathers-day-market-21 dh-fathers-day-market-06
 Precision Headphones, $200, Harmon/Kardon Zipp Wireless Airplay Speaker, $400, A+R 
dh-fathers-day-market-07 dh-fathers-day-market-08
Amplifiear, $25, MoMA Store Smart Lock, $200, August 
dh-fathers-day-market-09 dh-fathers-day-market-12
 Maxx & Unicorn Notebooks, $25, Cool Material  Kukka Blocks, $32, Vetted
dh-fathers-day-market-10 dh-fathers-day-market-11
 Pen Type - A, $150, CW&T  Ingram Publisher, $100, Barneys New York
dh-fathers-day-market-16 dh-fathers-day-market-15
 Bocce Set, $320, Fredericks & Mae Wine Caddy, $300, Bespoke Global
dh-fathers-day-market-13 dh-fathers-day-market-14
Travel Backgammon, $160, Matter Leather Eyeglass Keeper, $78, Mohawk General Store
dh-fathers-day-market-17 dh-fathers-day-market-19
Stanley & Sons Apron, $152, Hickorees Pure Black Knife, $80, A+R 
dh-fathers-day-market-18 dh-fathers-day-market-20
Vitamix Blender, $650, Williams Sonoma Mast Brothers Chocolate, $12, Mohawk General Store
Photograph: Lisa Larsen/Time & Life Pictures