The #1 Thing Professional Organizers Would Change in Your Home


Alyssa Rosenheck Photography with Taylor Anne Interiors 

If you've ever peeked into a professionally organized closet, you would see that organization is an art form unto itself. That being said, the professionals know a thing or two about spring-cleaning and organization that the novices do not. For some insight, Elle Décor recently asked three separate professional organizers what they wish they could tell the masses

The number one thing on their list? "Don't try to do everything at once," said Marissa Hagmeyer of Neat Method. "Organizing the right way takes time and can be an investment. However, the benefits far outweigh the financial and time commitment necessary!"

Another organizer and designer, Jeffrey Phillips, even likens the process to dieting or working out. "There are tons of great tips and tricks that can help us along on our journeys. However, there's no magic solution or tip that will make the clutter or disorganization go away for good," he tells Elle Décor. "Just like dieting and exercise, when we approach organizing as a shift in our lifestyle, that is when we can most successfully reach our organizing goals and, more importantly, keep the organization in place."

What organization advice would you give? Share your thoughts with us below!