Bijou Candles: This Candle Company Embraces Coven Culture Year-Round


Bijou Candles

If you ask us, October is essentially synonymous with all-things spooky. The closer the calendar creeps toward Halloween, the more acceptable it becomes to stream horror movies 24/7, munch on candy eyeballs, and post meme after meme about being a witch.

But who’s to say that coven culture is strictly reserved for October? As Alaina and Jocelyn Drew prove, witch talk is a conversation that can last year-round.

The couple launched their direct-to-consumer company, Bijou, in 2017 out of the desire for luxury scented candles at a more accessible price. 

Meet the Expert

Alaina and Jocelyn Drew are the founders of Bijou Candles, a direct-to-consumer brand creating affordable luxury candles.

“We are both obsessed with candles and luxury fragrances and soon after moving in together, realized we had a really expensive habit on our hands,” Jocelyn explains. “As a couple who loves a bit of self-care and entertaining friends, we didn't want to compromise the quality and quantity of home fragrance.”

While Bijou’s debut “Starlet” collection was inspired by Old Hollywood actresses like Lucille Ball and Audrey Hepburn, the brand’s second collection took a darker, spookier spin.

“We are both very inspired by all things ‘witchy,’ from pop-culture references, to astrology, to cleansing rituals,” Jocelyn says. “We knew pretty much right away that our next collection would be witches.” 

candle set
Bijou Candles The Coven Signature Candles Set $99

The duo spent about a year perfecting the scents for Bijou’s witch-centric candle line. Inspired by a trip to Salem, Massachusetts, the Coven collection boasts three spooky scents: the cedar and thyme-centric Hermione, palo santo-scented Willow, and Sabrina, which features notes of patchouli and bergamot. 

Simply put, the collection was a hit. Not only does this collection consistently sell out—Sabrina and Willow are two of the Bijou’s best-sellers—but the duo has reimagined these scents in gothic prayer candles, complete with wand-inspired matches.

candle set
Bijou Candles The Coven Tall Votive Set $129

In addition to the wonderfully witchy collection, Jocelyn and Alaina lovingly call their customers as the “Candle Coven” on their Instagram account. 

“We are all about being honest, having a good sense of humor and delivering the best possible customer service,” Alaina says. “We like to call our followers The Candle Coven because we want them to feel included and welcome.” 

If you look closely, you might notice the witchy phenomenon is becoming more mainstream. Popular co-working space The Wing often refers to its robust network as a coven, not a sorority. (The space also sells merch with witchy phrases such as, “Raising Hell.”)

But, at least for Jocelyn and Alaina, coven culture is not a fleeting trend; it’s a feminist movement. 

“It's a way to encompass all of the adversity women have faced throughout history (and still face) and take back that language for something positive,” Jocelyn says. 

“A Coven is a ‘sisterhood’ of people who support each other,” Alaina adds. “It feels inclusive, helps people who maybe felt like outsiders be a part of a movement.”

Inclusivity, acceptance, and girl power? Now this is one spell we don’t mind being under.

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