5 Things to Talk About Today

  • We've all come to rely on Google Maps for our cars, but what about when we're on a bike? Well, now a cool new device gives you turn-by-turn instructions for when you're cycling. Enter SmartHalo. This little gadget can be attached to your bike's handlebars and hooked up to your smartphone to give you directions. Rather than pulling up a full map, which could be dangerous, this has color-coded prompts so you can glance down quickly to see where to go next. — The Next Webā€‹
  • In a dramatic breakthrough, scientists have successfully turned human cancer cells back to normal. For the first time, breast-, lung-, and bladder-cancer cells have been programmed back into harmless, benign cells. Scientists from the Florida Mayo Clinic said "it was like applying the brakes to a speeding car." The tests have showed promising results in the lab, and researchers hope the same technique can also be applied to tumors so the cancer can be "switched off" without invasive chemotherapy or surgery. — National Post
  • The hotly anticipated iPhone 6S is coming soon, and expect plenty of surprises. The release date is just weeks away, but already Apple fans are going into overdrive. As usual, Apple is keeping a tight lid on the phone's new features, but from what we hear, the new and improved phone will have better camera optics and a more robust design. While the overall look and feel of the phone isn't expected to change much, we should have new colors to choose from, including a pink. — Harper's Bazaar
  • An estimated 27.5 percent of farm operators (that's over 80,000) in Canada are female, and the number is rising. While the traditional career goals of young girls don't usually include becoming a farmer, a 2011 census shows even women from non-farming families are taking up the profession. There has been an rising demand for increasing consumer demand for locally grown produce, and fruit farmer Jennay Oliver says the farm’s gross sales have tripled since she took over in 2007. — Best Health
  • People are taking up the new Microsoft Windows 10 at an alarming rate. The new operating system has been installed in more than 75 million devices so far, less than a month after the rollout began. Not satisfied with the huge numbers, Microsoft officials said the company's goal is to see Windows 10 installed on 1 billion devices by late summer 2018. — ZDNet