This $28 Supplement Made My Hair and Eyelashes Grow Insanely Fast

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I can't pinpoint the exact moment when my hair seemed to change—there was no heat damage or environmental factors to blame for my noticeably thinned locks. Rather, I seemed to experience subtle textural changes over time that left me with a head of hair more akin to my mom's fine bob than what I had come to know as my own hair (long, medium thickness, and waves). By my mid-20s, it seemed as though my full-bodied hair was no longer—while I still had my waves, it had taken on a considerably finer texture, and I was shocked by how much smaller my ponytail felt.

So when I heard our editorial director, Sacha Strebe, talking about a collagen supplement called BioSil, my interest was piqued. "I started taking BioSil after Jen Atkin recommended it a few years ago (before her own supplement range at Ouai)," explains Strebe. "I was still in the process of growing my hair out after cutting it really short, but more importantly, because I had lost a dime-size patch of hair at the front of my head, about an inch from the hairline, [I started taking the supplement]."

She explained to me in-person that, unlike Biotin, this actually made her grow new hair, in addition to making her existing hair grow longer. "I could see [the change] in the form of tiny baby hairs sprouting all over my head—lots of them," she added. "After taking it every day for about three months, my hair was noticeably thicker, longer, and above all, healthier."

Considering my concern was thickness, I decided to give it a try. Per her recommendation, I ordered the Natural Factors Liquid BioSil, and pledged to take the directed five drops in a small glass of water two times a day—once at morning and once at night. The formula contains what the brand has dubbed the three "beauty proteins": collagen, elastin, and keratin. Your body naturally produces fewer and fewer of these proteins starting around age 21, which results in fine lines, wrinkles, weak or thinning hair, and brittle nails over time. Biosil reportedly helps to activate the cells in your body that are responsible for producing these three structural proteins, as opposed to ingesting existing proteins through food.

Full disclosure: The drops have an awful, slightly fishy taste, and it takes a good two to three months to work, but in due time, I noticed a crown of wispy baby hairs around my head, improved texture and fullness, and longer eyelashes (I've had multiple people ask me if I've gotten lash extensions or a lash lift). Most importantly, I feel more comfortable and confident in my hair again—it feels more like the unruly, wavy mane that I'm familiar with. Whether or not I'll continue to see results remains to be seen, but I've made the BioSil drops a regular part of my wellness routine.

"Taking the right collagen supplement combined with a healthy lifestyle and a good skincare regimen—including SPF—you will have better skin for longer," said Doris Day, MD, author of Beyond Beautiful, to MyDomaine. "Collagen supplements are ingestible and may, therefore, offer a range of side benefits like stronger hair and nails and healthier joints as well." Specifically, Day prefers collagen supplements in the form of a drink: "The absorption rate of a liquid, where the ingredients are 100% in solution, helps improve absorption."

What's more, BioSil is not sourced from animal byproducts like most forms of collagen, making it a great option for vegans or vegetarians. Try BioSil for yourself below.

Natural Factors BioSil Liquid Supplement $28

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