Why Airbnb's Adorable Art Installation Is For the Birds

Inspired by real Airbnb homes, the company has commissioned a team of artists to recreate the residences for what they are deeming the "ultimate traveler": migratory birds. The campaign, Birdbnb, is spreading a warm and fuzzy sense of hospitality and redefining the meaning of home. "We created these birdhouses inspired by real Airbnb homes and the accompanying film as a metaphor for the hospitality about which our company is built: Our hospitality is completely individual and designed by our hosts who know that making people (or birds!) feel at home any where in the world comes from warmth, intuition, and an attention to detail," said Amy Curtis-McIntyre, CMO of Airbnb. "We love the world's real travelers and this is an invitation to travel in a new way." We are loving the attention to detail the artists poured into their replicas and based on the accompanying video that further explores the concept, our feathered friends are also pleased with the results. The birdhouses will be hanging in the Tree of Life in New Orleans' Audubon Park until December 22. To see the video and all of the expertly created birdhouses, head to Birdbnb. Photographs: Courtesy of Airbnb