Why You Need Black-and-White Abstract Art in Your Space

Updated 06/08/18
Black and White Abstract Art
Nicole Franzen

In our constant perusal of fabulous interiors and inspiring spaces, we're always drawn to the impact of black-and-white abstract art. Popping up everywhere and in a variety of interior styles, the look is always sophisticated and chic. Inspired by the work of artists such as Franz Kline and Richard Serra, black-and-white abstract art can be a welcome foil for traditional furnishings, function as a spot to rest the eye in colorful rooms, and add texture to minimalist decor.

Though the trend is increasingly popular, we're reluctant to call it such, as we consider it timeless and see no end in sight to its popularity and impact. Convinced to add a little black-and-white abstract art into your space? Find out how you can maximize its impact with these handy tips—and shop some of our favorite pieces.

Break From Tradition

In rooms full of traditional pieces, lines, fabrics, and patterns, a dose of abstract art in a simple palette of black and white will inject modern sensibility into the space. 

FormH2 The Heidies $825
Amir Guberstein Corridors #5 $1320
Sebastien Leon The Ties That Bind My Endless Skies #1 $1450

Rest the Eye

In spaces where color reigns supreme, simplifying the artwork by restricting the color scheme to classic black and white gives your eye a place to rest. While the pattern and lines of the art may be undulating and busy, the break from saturated color will enhance the room's other elements. 

Francois Fiedler Hook on Grooved Surface $125
Marleigh Culver #3 $140
Hamish Robertson Magna Lake Series $200

Add Drama

Nothing pulls a vignette together like a large piece of abstract art. Whether you're adding interest over a sofa or uniting elements in a foyer, these paintings command attention. 

Manjuzaka Black & White Ink Wash Painting $158
Natural Curiosities Folden Cinematic Landscapes: Napa 1 $3285
John Chang Connection 3 $1250

Create Dimension

In streamlined spaces, a large piece of abstract art adds dimension and movement. The imperfect lines and brushstrokes contrast with sharp edges and sleek surfaces, resulting in eye-catching tension. 

Shane Walsh Xpressor 17 $2500
Michael Dopp Print 5 $35
Manjuzaka Zen Black and White Ink Wash Painting $45

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This story was originally published on February 3, 2014, and has since been updated.

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