7 Black and White Bedrooms That Are Always in Style

The bedroom is the place where you start each day and end each night. That means that the way you feel and interact with the space could relate to how you take on your tasks in the morning and how you unwind and relax in the evening. So, of all the rooms in your home, the bedroom may be one of the most important in terms of decorating. 

There are many color schemes to choose from when it comes to both paint, furnishings, and accessories for the all-important bedroom. You could base your decisions off of the opinions of interior designers, the teachings of feng shui, or you could simply opt to infuse your personal space with hues that you enjoy. For some, that means sticking to a striking, bold color palette of classic black and white.

"Black and white is a timeless color combination," according to Decorist celebrity designer Lauren Nelson. She notes that the tonal look is frequently present in both fashion and interior design, proving that it can stand the test of time beyond many passing trends. "It's also a calm and serene color palette which is a nice feel for a bedroom, where the priority is rest," the designer adds.

If you're considering adopting this contrasting color combination in your space, keep reading for Nelson's tips on how to nail the black and white bedroom look.

Mix Tones and Textures

Black and White Bedroom
Courtesy of Pella Hedeby

It's no secret that a black and white bedroom can easily go from minimal and chic to overwhelming and distracting in a hurry. That's why Nelson recommends mixing tones and textures in an otherwise high contrast room. This space, for example, features both gray and black bedding elements to soften the intensity of an all-black bed. There are also white details like a standing reading lamp, a small side table, and a modern chandelier. Finally, a photograph in a black and white frame hangs above the bed to tie the elements together.

Experiment With Styles

Black Bedroom
BHDM Design

"There are lots of styles that can be incorporated into a black and white palette," Nelson notes and this black and white bedroom is proof of that. It features modern furnishings in white colors and wooden materials to warm up the intensity created by the black interior paint color. A white ceiling and two large windows also work to infuse the space with light in order to contrast the darker pieces.

"Again, this speaks to the timelessness of the color combination," Nelson explains. "I could just as easily see a bedroom in this color scheme in a California casual style as I could see an Art Deco style bedroom."

Strike the Right Balance

Black Paint in the Bedroom
BHDM Design

Black walls, a black painting, and a black headboard are contrasted by pops of rich green color and white bedding in this black and white bedroom that follows one of Nelson's suggestions for decorating a space with these colors.

"One has to consider the visual weight of furnishing when using black," the designer says. "If using black on a large piece, it has to have an interesting profile or shape, or contrasting hardware, to keep it from feeling too heavy and bulky," she continues.

In this space, the large bed frame is accented by cane details, creating texture and lightening the piece of furniture.

Add Pops of Color

White Bedroom with Black Accents
Chad Wilson; DESIGN: Black Lacquer Design

Adding color is another way to keep a black and white bedroom from appearing uninviting.

"You could easily infuse an accent color through art and decorative accents like pillows or throw blankets," Nelson says.

In this white bedroom that features black pieces like the bed frame, dresser, and lamp, shades of blue, gold, and green shine through and work to soften the space. 

Utilize Accessories

Black Bedroom Design
Courtesy of Pella Hedeby

This mostly all-black bedroom is accented by a few key elements in white hues. Although the space is mostly monochromatic, a variety of textures and materials, including the bedding and the rug, help to add intriguing design details.

"Elements like tonal linen bedding and a sheepskin rug paired with a black vintage dresser provide texture and softness, while still giving the punch of contrast for interest," Nelson suggests.

Incorporate Metallic Accents

Black and White Bedroom
Alyssa Rosenheck

For a black and white bedroom, this space feels surprisingly vibrant and glamorous. Black walls contrast starkly with a crisp white ceiling and white bedding. However, the space is tied together by glints of gold accent pieces. A traditional gold chandelier hangs from the ceiling and complements the sturdy, gold canopy bed frame. There is also a golden brown colored rug on the floor and a painting on the wall with orange and gold details that all work together in a beautiful cohesive way.

In addition to the metallic accents, a bright red, patterned pillow sits on the bed and fresh flowers add a hint of green on the nightstand.

"I think infusing some colorful touches with accent items when decorating with black and white keeps things interesting without being overwhelming," Nelson says.

Use White Paint

White Bedroom
Courtesy of Pella Hedeby

Although you can achieve the black and white bedroom style with either color acting as the main hue, Nelson is partial to the white wall look.

"When picking between the two colors, I'd lean towards white walls for a bedroom," Nelson admits.

This Scandinavian-inspired space manages to pair crisp white walls, bedding, accessories, with subtle black details like the exposed bulb sconce and the black and white framed photograph that sits on the floating shelf. A gray fur throw blanket and gray trimmings on the edge of the bedding give the room a welcome touch of warmth.