This Jet-Black Marble Bathroom Embodies Drama With a Capital "D"

Outside, the pavement swelters, rooftop bars erupt as the sun sinks behind the skyline, and taxicabs and fire engines whir by, creating the unmistakable chorus of New York City. Yet inside tech entrepreneur David Yaffe's Lower East Side apartment, there's a very different scene. It's as if Manhattan has been muted; crisp white walls create a gallery-like space and almost every detail adheres to a serene black-and-white palette.

"I wanted to create a modern space that carried enough elements so that it wouldn't feel bare and wouldn't overpower the existing art," says Homepolish interior designer Jae Joo. Though Yaffe had originally planned to do a simple cosmetic renovation, Joo immediately saw the potential. "It eventually turned into a much bigger project. Once some of the walls were gone, we all recognized the potential of the space and just couldn't resist," she says. There's no doubt they made the right call.

The finished apartment is a minimalist's dream, complete with Scandinavian furniture, incredible art, and a jet-black bathroom that leaves a lasting impression. Take a look inside.

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