17 Beautiful Black Bathrooms That Are Both Moody and Chic

Black bathroom

LeClair Decor

While your first instinct in a bathroom may be to go all-white, hear us out: instead, consider a sleek and intimate black bathroom. A moody bathroom can feel calming and serene, and using black to decorate a small space can instantly elevate the whole look.

With the right lighting and complementary colors, black can create an elegant space that not only feels elevated, but can also make a small bathroom feel wider and more spacious.

If you're considering going dark, read on to see some of our favorite black bathrooms and inspire your next makeover.

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Consider Using Shiplap

Bathroom with black shiplap

LeClair Decor

Shiplap is a great way to add texture to any space, but in a bathroom, it can add a whole lot of visual interest and depth. Black paint is a great way to reinvent the shiplap trend and create a more modern vibe.

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Pair it With Wood

Shiplap with black paint

Sonya Kinkade

If you're concerned that black will make your bathroom feel sterile or unwelcoming, consider bringing in some warmth with a natural wood vanity. The richness of the wood can give the whole space a homey, cozy vibe and bring out the warm tones of the black paint.

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Try Black Marble

Bathroom with black marble

Will Brown Interiors

Black tiles are beautiful, but black marble is a material that will really stand out. This black bathroom features a tub surround made of a rich black marble that gives it an elegant look and feel.

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Go Wild With Paint

Bathroom with black designs

Alvin Wayne

Ever considered painting a mural in your bathroom? This cozy space proves using black paint to create an eye-catching, graffiti-inspired design is a great way to reinvent a space without obsessing over accessories or smaller details. And if you're not a skilled artist, we recommend tracing your design in pencil before picking up the paintbrush.

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Pair Black and Gold

Black vanity in bathroom

Cathie Hong

Though black already looks incredibly chic on its own, when you pair it with gold accents, you can create a high-end hotel look that will make you feel like you're on vacation every day.

To keep the space from feeling gaudy, pick one key feature to make black—think vanity, walls, or shower tile—and keep the rest of the space light and airy.

Gold faucet
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Keep it Modern

Bathroom with black vanity


Black is a great color to use in a streamlined, modern bathroom. It works beautifully with metallic accents, and reduces any unnecessary visual clutter in the space. Pair with a sleek modern wallpaper to create a super luxe bathroom perfect for unwinding after a long day.

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Keep it Colorful

Blue and black bathroom design

Gray Space Interior Design

Though black works wonderfully in a simple palette paired with white or other neutrals, it's a great color to pair with bold, bright colors as well. Consider adding a burst of color to your black bathroom with pinks, yellows, or navy blues.

Black and florals work so well together because they create an edgy-yet-soft vibe in any bathroom space.

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Swap the Sink

Bathroom with black sink and toilet

Nordic Home Elle

Incorporating black into your bathroom doesn't have to mean overhauling your entire color scheme. Instead, consider swapping the toilet or the sink for a matte black version instead to add a sophisticated, eye-catching touch to your space.

Mix in a few more black accessories here and there to tie the whole look together and create a uniform, purposeful design scheme.

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Add Greenery

Black bathroom with shelves

Barb Druzdzel

One easy way to ensure your black bathroom doesn't feel overly dark is to add a few plants. A string of ivy or a lovely pothos plant adds instant liveliness to your space, and plays well in a rich, deep-hued bathroom.

If you have low light in your bathroom, be sure to pick easy, humidity-loving plants that can thrive without a lot of sunlight.

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Keep the Trim White

Black bathroom with small vanity

Kiawah Island Shades

There's a reason black and white is a color pairing that never goes out of style. Consider painting your powder room a lovely matte black, but keep your room's trim white. This will provide a wonderful contrast and make a small space feel wider and deeper.

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Go for Wallpaper

Bathroom with black and white wallpaper

Lisa Meyer

Looking for a sign that you should hang wallpaper in your bathroom? This is it. Black wallpaper is a great way to add a traditional, elegant vibe to any bathroom and make it feel like you invested in a total renovation.

Worried about committing to wallpaper? Consider temporary wallpaper instead, so you can easily swap it out if and when your tastes change.

Graphic wallpaper
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Keep it Classic

Bathroom with black paneling

Jenna Sue Design

If you're decorating a traditional bathroom space, black is a wonderful color choice. Black not only feels elegant and chic, but it also creates a sophisticated and classic vibe in your space. Here, wall paneling details add even more depth, while an eye-catching plaid tile floor creates just enough pattern for the rest of the space.

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Stick With Subway Tile

Bathroom with black and white details

Ashley Webb

If you're looking for a great tile to pair with black accents, consider keeping it simple with subway tile. Subway tile is a classic choice that works with nearly any color scheme, but pairs particularly well with black and white.

Black grout lines add even more visual interest to the backsplash.

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Add Art

Bathroom with black paint

LeClair Decor

If you haven't considered hanging art in the bathroom, think again. A coat of black paint creates a wonderful canvas for wall art. Consider hanging an eye-catching print in your bathroom, especially if you have a smaller powder room.

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Paint the Door Black

Bathroom with a black door

Katie Martinez

Looking for a simple way to incorporate black into your bathroom? Consider painting the inside of your bathroom door black to add a super chic, modern feel. This look works by creating an eye-catching contrast in a white bathroom, but it also plays well with other moody colors such as navy or hunter green.

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Or Paint a Tub

Black clawfoot bathtub

Katie Martinez

If you adore a clawfoot tub as much as we do, you'll love how much a simple coat of black paint can totally transform the look. Consider refinishing a clawfoot tub to give it a more modern and updated feel. This is a wonderful way to add a splash of black without overhauling the entire bathroom.

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Go Luxe

Lux gold and black bathroom

Studio KT

Black is a color that automatically feels very high-end and luxurious. Consider a rich black marble walk-in shower for a five-star hotel look, and pair with gold or brass accents to add a touch of warmth to the overall space.

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