The Healthy Pasta Alternative That Actually Tastes Like Pasta

A low-calorie bowl of pasta is what health-conscious people's dreams are made of. But taste-testing the various pasta alternatives in search of that elusive tasty, low-calorie bowl may prove to be an unsatisfying experience. According to PureWow, though, your search ends with Trader Joe's low-calorie, gluten-free organic black bean rotini.

While it reportedly has an "earthier flavor" and a "slightly thicker consistency" than regular pasta, "it's not gummy like rice pasta, and it doesn't have that dry cardboard taste like the whole-wheat kind," writes the site. "In fact, it's the beat 'healthy' pasta we've tried." Made with only one ingredient, organic black bean four, it certainly accomplishes the goal of being significantly healthier than the original stuff.

What's more, it has 14 grams of protein, 15 grams of fiber, and 30 grams of carbohydrates, and it's only $3 in-store. While absolutely nothing can replace pasta, both in our hearts and our stomachs, we're willing to give black bean rotini a try in the name of health.

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