20 Stunning Black Bedroom Ideas to Inspire Your Next Redesign

Black accent wall

Desiree Burns Interiors

Black is the "it" color when it comes things like fashion and art, but the second it goes past an accent piece for our home its popularity goes out the door. This dark and moody shade is one of the best colors for everything, yet when it comes to our home, so many still shy away from its boldness.

To be fair, there are several good reasons for why that is. In some cases, black makes things feel smaller, tighter, and darker—the opposite effect that's usually wanted in a room. But this is changing, and top interior designers to amateurs with a penchant for home styling are beginning to really embrace all this color has to offer under their roofs—and we don't mean a black vase here and a throw pillow there. These black bedrooms splash it all over the walls, work it into bedding, mix the color with unexpected styles, and even layer black on black on black. The results are impressive, and after peeking at these spaces, you'll want to give this shade a second chance.

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Balance Dark and Light

Black and white bedroom

Desiree Burns Interiors

Name a more iconic duo than black and white (we'll wait). These two polar opposite colors make for an outstanding bedroom palette. It's grounding, but light and refreshing—all things that are essential for any sleeping space.

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Lean on a Farmhouse Foundation

Black bedroom

Laura Brophy Interiors

Oh yes, a farmhouse bedroom can embody the color black as well as any modern, maximalist, or industrial space. Install a rustic bed frame, add plenty of aged wood, and opt for soft-colored textures to make this mix successful.

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Embrace the Eclectic

Black bedroom

Reagen Taylor Photography

The image that conjures in your head when you think of the word "eclectic" might be a messy attic or a room with patterned decor and pillows haphazardly thrown around. This refined version is here to take its place. A mix of picture frames, colors, and of course the looming color of black give this bedroom an original twist that anyone can admire.

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Incorporate Dramatic Jewel Tones

Black walled bedroom

Forbes Masters

If you love the '20s but can't stand the Art Deco tropes, here's your answer. A velvety green headboard, orb lights, and opulent bedding are surefire ways to make you feel like you're living the luxe life. Add an animal print carpet like seen here and you'll never want to leave your lair.

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Infuse a Geometric Twist

Black geometric accent wall

Kurated by Kris

An accent wall will never do you wrong, but spicing it up from more than just a coat of paint can prove difficult when you're working with colors that are already bold on their own. In the case of this room, 4D geometric shapes were installed to grab the attention of dwellers and really make this room one of a kind.

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Sprinkle in Bold Tones

Black and bold colored bedroom

Laquita Tate

Black is often worked in with other sleek, modern hues, but it's so easy to play up and blend with bolder jewel tones or primary colors. Take this vibrant example for instance, which features orange, teal, pink, and a graphic pattern to make this dark shade feel fun.

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Soften with Charcoal

Charcoal and black bedroom

Dan Rak Design

If you're a huge fan of black but can't commit to all-black walls, soften things up ever so slightly with charcoal. It doesn't hinder the power of dark shades, but it won't make you feel boxed in either. In this particular room, the metallic stickers lighten things up even more.

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Spice Up the Walls

Black textured wall

House of Hanes

Need another way to take a black bedroom up a notch? Enter another textured accent wall. 4D frames gently jut out from one of the walls, which stops the eye, but still allows the space to flow since they're painted in the same color. Not only does it look amazing, but it's a doable DIY project for those feeling confident in their abilities.

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Make Black Cozy

Black and wood bedroom

House Nine

Soft lighting, warm wood textures, and cozy bedding make this space an enviable sleeping arrangement. Sure, black probably isn't the first color that comes to mind when you're considering a palette for an inviting, comfortable space, but this bedroom proves you should rethink it.

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Rely on the Bedding

Black bedding

Jessica Nelson Design

To test the waters with black without cracking open a can of paint (or venturing into wallpaper), change out your bedding first. Though, just as a warning, once you try this color on for size and see its adaptability, your obsession with all-white walls will fade—fast.

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Cushion With Black

Black accents in a bedroom

The House Acc

The headboard and dresser practically serve as built-in frames for this bedroom, giving some shape and form to the lighter neutrals. It also proves, you don't need to deck out your entire space in black to get the style benefits the color can provide.

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Tinge the Space With Boho

Boho black bedroom

Burchard Design Co.

If you've been stuck in a dilemma trying to choose between super saturated colors like black and an earthy boho space, you can take a deep breath. Luckily, you don't actually need to settle for one or the other, as they balance out perfectly. Black adds a little bit of structure and form and boho details like the wood and shibori breaks it down a bit, making it feel more carefree.

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Try a Balancing Gradient

Gray and black room

Liljencrantz Design

If you search for the definition of "chic" in the dictionary, there's no doubt going to be an image of this bedroom under it. With modern Parisian flair, the back and forth between the gray walls and black accents as well as the rounded shapes and sharper edges here feel updated, fresh, and impeccably stylish.

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Play on Ornate

Black bedroom

Margaret Wright Interior & Lifestyle Photographer

Antiquated doesn't equal stale. The vintage staple pieces that make up this room feel like relics and every piece is meaningful and stylish in its own right. While the palette consists mostly of dark colors, the flash of cobalt blue on the carpet is a punchy little addition that makes it even more interesting.

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Set the Foundation

Black and boho bedroom

Modern House Vibes

White walls often serve as the blank canvasses for many rooms, but starting with a black accent wall and working your way from there is a great way to go. Because it's so grounding, it'll be easier to build out a space that still incorporates your personal style, but feels cozy, defined, and tranquil all at the same time.

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Create Contrast With White

Black and white bedroom

Mary Patton Design

The white floor-to-ceiling cabinets keep this space feeling light, but the outline of black paint adds an air of sophistication. Overlaying items like cabinetry, furniture, and hardware in other refined colors can work wonders for making black feel more cohesive and less jarring.

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Punctuate With Black

Light room with black accents

Amy Bartlam

Your love for the color black doesn't necessarily mean it needs to extend to every corner of your bedroom. The colors making up these sleeping quarters are feminine and soft, but are nicely punctuated with black accents and side table. It gives the deep tone a chance to shine without allowing for the whole space to be taken over by it.

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Opt for a Matte Black Accent Wall

Black accent wall

Desiree Burns Interiors

Sometimes less is more really does ring true in a space and when you're working with a playful palette, simplicity reigns supreme. This bedroom's back and forth between white and black textures makes it the perfect candidate for its matte black accent wall.

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Work It Into a Nursery

Black nursery

Katherine Carter

Scoot those pink, yellow, and blue swatches to the side. Parents-to-be who prefer a bit of a modern edge in their spaces will deeply appreciate a nursery such as this one that not only uses black, but uses it well.

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Experiment With Cane

Modern black bedroom

Royal Roulotte

Wood and black are a remarkable duo, especially when you pull in other woody, reed-like materials. This cane headboard is the perfect example. It lightens the space in a natural way and shows that you don't need to rely on just white to keep a black bedroom feeling open.

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