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18 Black Kitchen Cabinet Ideas to Elevate Your Space

Marble accented kitchen

Julia Robbs

Unpopular opinion: anyone can get behind black kitchen cabinets. That's right, interior risk takers and their risk-averse friends can all work in this polarizing shade in a way that suits them.

It has taken a while for black to become a color people are comfortable painting their walls and cupboards, but it has more than proven its worth. While black is just now becoming more of a mainstream color to work into your home, there's no harm in jumping in on the trend now.

While it can be the color of choice for appliances or show off its prowess through the form of paint, black cabinets are the perfect happy medium. It doesn't require you to drape your entire space in the moody hue, but it leaves a far bigger impression than just opting for a black-colored kettle or toaster.

So grab your notepad and take notes: this collection of black cabinet examples will spark some ideas if you're looking to incorporate this dramatic shade into your own kitchen.

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Opt for a Tinge of Charcoal

Black and white kitchen island

Pure Salt Interiors

Charcoal black makes black a bit more approachable, especially if you're working the color into a bright, airy space such as this one. The mix of white uppers and cane chairs make the black-gray island serve as the perfect pop of elegant color.

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Boost Drama With Matte Black

Black matte cabinets in kitchen

LA Designer Affair

For a serious statement, you can never go wrong with matte black cabinetry. Its sharp look creates a magnificent pop against any kind of backsplash, as exemplified here with white subway tile. The combo walks a fine line between daring and orderly that makes us want to swap out our cupboards ASAP.

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Block It Out

Black cabinet kitchen

The House of Silver Lining

There's nothing like framing your kitchen with a chunk of black cabinetry and wrought iron, and this dreamy geometric space accomplished this perfectly. It's an exciting perspective on using black in a cooking space—one that's going to feel eternally trendy.

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Incorporate Black and Gold

Black and white kitchen

Simply Grove

Those who admire the flashier side of '20s design and architecture can easily adopt the look into an updated kitchen by stealing the color palette and finishes. Black and gold is one of the most perfect routes to achieving an ever-so-slightly Deco space that's still inherently modern.

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Add Just a Pinch

Black and terrazzo kitchen


If you're not game for saturating your entire kitchen in black, just a few cabinets in the hue will do. Keep it simple or take a step towards understated a more playful version of minimalism by paring it with a fun pattern, like terrazzo.

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Embrace Light and Airy

Black and white kitchen with open shelving

Naked Kitchens

You can still make a kitchen feel bright and light with black cabinets, it's just a matter of choosing the right layout. Black lowers partnered with white walls and a white ceiling, along with sparse open shelving is the formula for a cooking space that has some edge, but isn't closed in by dark shades.

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Test the Waters With All-Black

Matte black kitchen

Reagan Taylor Photography

Those unafraid of a good style risk won't feel faint at the idea of transforming their entire kitchen into a slick black room. With the exception of a marble counter and lighter flooring, the darkest color reigns supreme in this stunning space.

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Marry the Idea of Marble

Marble accented kitchen

Julia Robbs

Marble, let alone black marble, will forever hold the title for being one of the most attention-grabbing kitchen materials. Pair it with a set of multilevel, flat black cabinets and you'll never have a boring cooking space again. It's just too pretty.

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Mix Black and White

Black and white kitchen

Light & Dwell

It's hard to find a more iconic duo than black and white, and there are so many different ways to work in the two shades. Here, a solid white countertop makes for a gorgeous, dramatic contrast against the black island and cupboards in this kitchen.

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Mix Your Favorite Styles

Kitchen with orange tile

Reagan Taylor Photography

It's mid century modern, it's Spanish-inspired, it's straight up contemporary—this kitchen really has it all. The cool colored tiles mixed with the sharp black cabinetry gives it its own original twist that pulls out the best traits in all these styles.

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Bring in the Black Brick

Black brick kitchen

Reena Sotropa

Go beyond two-toned black and white cabinets by installing a brick accent wall. It solidifies the black theme without needing to add more cupboards or forms of storage if you don't need them. It divides the space in a chic way you won't just find anywhere.

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Set the Foundation

Black island in kitchen

Maite Granda

A bold piece of statement art takes the show in this kitchen, which makes black a much more structural part of the kitchen. While the painting is busy catching the attention of dwellers, the black island cabinets feel much more grounding in this instance.

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Select Softened Shades

Deep blue kitchen

Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

If black is just a little too harsh for your liking when it comes to kitchen cabinet colors, you can lighten things up every so slightly by opting for a deep midnight blue, like seen here. While it's not exactly black, it gives off a nearly identical impression.

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Revel in Simplicity

Black and white kitchen

Dwell Aware

The great thing about using black and white in an interior palette is that you don't need to go all out with accents and textures. Less is more can always apply when it comes to monochrome, especially when you work it into a two-tone cupboard set up.

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Sprinkle in Some Elegance

Black and marble kitchen

Brexton Cole Interiors

The matching range hood gives this cozy kitchen a bit of a regal vibe. While it's small, it holds its own thanks to the metallic details from the knobs and the long-neck sconce, which give the black something shiny to play off of. It's a great little nook for whipping up dishes in style.

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Give a Nod to Farmhouse

Black glossy cabinets

Becca Interiors

Adding a bit of luster to cabinets gives your kitchen a whole new dimension and although it feels luxe, it happens to make a perfect addition to a farmhouse-inspired space. The addition of roughed up wood and utilitarian touches—plus a cute cow picture—make this a sophisticated spin on the homestead theme.

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Try Silvery Pulls

Black cupboards in kitchen

The Grit & Polish

While black and gold are a dynamic duo, the metal's prettiest counterpart is a fresh twist worth trying. It's just the right fit for those who want a few cool tones in their cooking space as opposed to the warmer classics.

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Scatter in Groovy Patterns

Patterned kitchen

Dan Rak Design

Two-toned cabinets are extremely trendy, but if you're in the mood for something a touch more va-voom, why not work in some wallpaper? The one seen here serves as a cool gradient, leading from the black lowers to the white uppers. It's fun, pretty, and a modern take on the funky prints of the '70s.